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Do you remember the feeling that you were invincible, that no one could cause you any harm?

Do you remember the raging hormones, the passion and the emotional outbursts?

Do you remember your first lipstick, shave, kiss, conquest and the feeling that it couldn’t get any better than this?

When was the last time you jumped over a turnstile, made someone smile, or laughed uncontrollably, or tickled someone?

Do you remember when you could eat anything you want and never grow fat?

Do you remember having a secret you couldn’t tell your parents about?

Do you remember when your hormones were raging out of control, you couldn’t sit still, or concentrate, and you didn’t know what was wrong with you, and you didn’t know what to do?

Do you remember pimples and hair that wouldn’t stay in place, and words coming out of your mouth that you had no intention of saying?

Do you remember listening to rock and roll blasting from boom boxes or jukeboxes? Do you remember your favorite singers and bands?

Do you remember feeling your world was coming to an end because someone you cared about didn’t love you back?

Do you remember sneaking smokes or drinking beer in the backyard at a friend’s home or in a car?

Life seemed so much simpler and more complicated at the same time when we were young. There was a sense of urgency about everything.

You had to be the best at whatever you did. You had to impress your friends. You had to show everyone that you were superior, but at the same time maintain your status as one of the gang.

There were so many questions and no one to turn to for answers—no one to confide in, no one you could completely trust except for your best friend. And when you broke up or had a fight with your best friend you felt like your world was coming to an end, but by and large these were the best of times—a time of discovery and longing and hope for a bright future.

Do you remember all those wonderful conflicting feeling when you were young?

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