Valentine’s Day: Love and Good Health

It feels great when your spouse or special someone remembers you on Valentine’s Day. But did you know they may be doing much more than just sharing their feelings. They might be boosting your health, too. Here’s how to turn the romance of Valentine’s Day into your healthiest holiday ever.

Chocolate is a favorite Valentine’s Day indulgence. Give your sweetie some dark chocolate, and you’ll boost their heart-health, too.

Studies show that regularly eating a little dark chocolate promotes healthy blood pressure, more flexible arteries, and improved blood sugar metabolism.1 All three contribute to overall heart health.

Plus, cocoa – the main ingredient in dark chocolate – has more antioxidant power than either red wine or green tea! 2
An ounce or less of dark chocolate several times a week is a healthy treat for you and your Valentine.

Of course, what’s that box of candy without a dozen roses? Especially when those roses could help your better half feel – and even look – better?

Doctors in Thailand exposed volunteers to the scent of rose oil. The scent promoted several signs of lowered stress… including lower blood pressure.3 That’s the feel-good part. But, look better, too?

Absolutely! A team in Japan discovered that rose oil’s scent can affect your skin. You see, stress weakens your skin barrier, allowing moisture to escape. The result is drier, older looking skin.

But these researchers found that the scent of rose oil promotes a healthier skin barrier… holding in more moisture.4 And moister skin looks smoother and younger.

First chocolate… then flowers. Why not cap the evening off with a romantic, candlelit dinner? And since it’s a special occasion, maybe uncork a bottle of red wine.

Good move. Because people who drink wine in moderation (1 – 2 glasses a day) tend to have healthier hearts. Not only healthier than heavy drinkers… but healthier than non-drinkers, too.5

And here’s a plus… Italian scientists discovered that women who regularly drink a little red wine not only feel more desire, they enjoy sex more, too.6 So that glass of wine could lead to a very romantic end to a perfect Valentine’s Day.

Which is also a great health booster. Even if your Valentine’s Day ends with just a little cuddling and kissing.

Volunteer couples in a study were split into two groups. Doctors tested both groups for stress and relationship satisfaction, and took blood samples. One group was instructed to kiss romantically more often. The other group was given no instruction.

At the end of six weeks, the kissing group reported less stress and greater satisfaction with their relationship. The other group had no change.

Even more remarkable, the kissing couples had lower cholesterol, too… and all they’d done was kiss more often! 7
So, don’t feel guilty for those Valentine’s Day “indulgences.” If you do them right, they’ll be more than fun. They’ll be good for you, too.

Yours in continued good health,
Dr Kenneth Woliner, M.D.

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Dr. Woliner is a board certified medical physician and modern day pioneer in the world of alternative men’s health and nutritional science. Using a unique combination of modern “Western” medicine and traditional holistic healing practices, Dr.Woliner has revolutionized men’s health care treatments for many of today’s most common male health concerns – specializing in alternative treatments for Prostate enlargement (BPH) and a myriad of erectile concerns and men’s sexual health issues.