Attraction in Action is the Law of Attraction. There is something that no one else is telling you about the Law of Attraction and it’s about time you heard it. You can have an abundance of wealth, rich rewarding relationships and deep personal growth by simply changing a few things. It is what I call the WOW factor. It is using the law of attraction from inside out. It is using the Law of Attraction in three simple easy ways:

WITHIN you - Putting the Law of Attraction to work in your thoughts, feeling, words and visualizations can make huge changes quickly in your life and your self esteem. When you change the way you think about things, the things you think about change.

ON you - When you dress to match your personal energy, you will enjoy increased profits, empowering relationship and feel more energized. Dress so that the colors, fabrics, and clothing you wear have vibrations which match your personal energy.

WHAT’S AROUND you - The flow of energy that surrounds you influences you greatly in either achieving your goals or blocking your dreams.

If you are not using the Law of Attraction in all three critical areas of your energy field, you are giving the universe mixed message and are probably stuck on your road to success.

Here is the SIMPLE SECRET to a lifetime of happiness! You must use the Law of Attraction in all 3 critical areas of your energy field. To make it simple, like attracts like. You can learn to hold the vision and incorporate the habits that allow you to radiate the energy of that which you want to attract - and the good news is that it is fun. Learning to do this is the most exciting adventure you will ever take. Once you begin, you will begin seeing change in your life immediately!

It’s a way you can be lucky all the time. YOU can have everything you want. YOU can make your dreams come true, even the big ones! Life is not about finding yourself; life is about creating yourself and there are a few little secrets you need to know to make a huge difference in every aspect of your life. Can you imagine what might happen to you if you took a few steps that would start to generate instant and immediate results for your success, health, relationships and personal growth?

Create success, feel healthy, have great relationships, a booming business and a satisfying personal life all the time. Sound amazing? Not amazing at all. It’s simple. It’s easy and you can do it. You can design the outcome of your life.
Do you think you are already using the Law of Attraction but still feel overwhelmed, frustrated, depressed? Do you ever feel like you aren’t moving forward in your life? Is your life stagnant? Well, now is the time to step into your power. You can change your life and level of happiness by making a few simple changes. Your life is under your control. There are many people who are stuck, and don’t seem to be able to go forward, even when they are mindful of the thoughts and words they project to the universe. They do not understand that the influence of their environment is at work 24 hours a day every week of their lifetime. The flow of energy that surrounds you influences you greatly in either achieving your goals or blocking your dreams. Remember, you are a living, breathing, energy field and your environment is part of that field. Also important in changing your life and level of happiness is using the law of attraction to change your energy in what is on you, what you wear. When you dress with colors, fabrics, and design that match your personal energy, you will enjoy increased profits and empowering relationship by attracting the right people to you.

Have you ever noticed that some people just get lucky all the time? They are always in the right place at the right time. They get all the breaks. They have terrific relationships and they have all the toys. They are living and using the law of attraction in their whole energy field. If you don’t, you are giving the universe mixed messages. How do you expect to get what you want when you can’t even be clear about it?
Basically it’s all about energy. You change everything when you change your energy.

Sound strange? Not really. Everything that looks stationary is actually moving and constantly vibrating. Things may appear stationary, but if you look at them under a very strong microscope, you’ll see things are moving. You are moving and vibrating at a particular energy level. You are living energy. You and everything else is vibrating energy in a vast field where you interact with your family, play, work, and live life. What you think, feel and say, what you wear, and what is around you in your environment is resulting in the flow of energy that you radiate. Your living, breathing energy field is creating your life. If this is new to you, it is not new to the universe or to people who are successful.

Remember those people who always get the breaks and get what they want. They know the habits that put them right where they need to be to attract and create just what they want and you can learn to do this too.

There is an inside secret that successful people don’t spread around, simply because they are too busy using it, it’s ‘Energy Flows where your attention goes.’ Whatever you put your energy on in your thoughts, words and feelings, will be enhanced and will expand in your life. The question is what kind of thoughts, words, and feelings are you giving your attention to. Are you thinking about how things aren’t working or how they will be when they are exactly the way you want them? Whatever you are thinking, speaking and feeling is what you will get more of. What are you wearing?

When people see you do they see the real you inside or an image that you made, created to project to the world? What you wear is part of your energy field and is attracting or repelling people and situations. What is your environment telling the universe? Is your environment uncluttered and do you have images that project your goals and dreams? The universe is made up of five elements. Are you using them in a balance way in your home or office?

To really utilize the best of the Law of Attraction, you need to couple the mental part (IN you) with the way that you present yourself and your vibrations to the world (ON you), and to support it with an environment that resonates with your energy (AROUND you). When you put the habits of thinking, speaking, and feeling together properly so that your energy goes out and attracts the things you want, you will begin to see the most amazing things happen! Add to that radiating energy into the universe by the vibrations of the colors and fabrics which are on you and powerful messages being sent by the environment around you, and you’ll find there is no way to fail!

Author's Bio: 

Glenda Feilen, author, speaker, and recognized authority on the Law of Attraction, shares no-fail techniques to achieve prosperity and success in her book, “Life is a Puzzle-Are All Your Pieces In Place.” Glenda’s ATTRACTION IN ACTION formula reveals how to attract anything to you by using what is “In You, On You, and Around You”. For over 25 years, her books, seminars, and workshops have taught thousands an empowering process to achieve wealth, happiness, and rewarding relationships. Her mission is to show others how to employ simple, easy techniques to attract tremendous abundance and success in every aspect of their lives. She is a nutritional expert and has been a marketing director for over 25 years in an international nutritional-based corporation. Her life changing workshops are fun, fun, fun!