WiFi extenders are trusted by millions when it comes to accessing a
high-speed internet connection in every corner of the home. That is
why they prefer setting up Wavlink extenders in their homes. Have you
also done Wavlink WiFi extender setup  Well, we would like to
congratulate you on making such a wonderful choice. But, it looks
like you are worried? What happened? WPS light on your extender keeps
blinking? Fret not! It is time to ease out those worry lines on your

a read to this post and learn how to get the issue fixed if the WPS
light on your Wavlink WiFi extender keeps blinking. Here we go

WPS Light on Wavlink Extender Keeps Blinking

  1. Check
    Extender-Router Connection

it comes to connecting the Wavlink extender to the host router, many
users act irresponsibly. Perhaps, you have joined the queue. FYI, a
weak connection between both devices is a major factor leading you to
the problem you are facing. To rid yourself of the issue, you need to
establish a strong connection between your WiFi devices. But, are you
aware of the correct guidelines for a stable connection between WiFi
devices? No? Let us make you aware of the same:

  • For
    Wired Connection:
    the connection between your devices is wired, then pay some
    attention to the Ethernet cable connecting them. Is it working fine?
    Is it worn out? If the second question has received a positive
    response, then the time has come to bid adieu to the current
    Ethernet cable and bring home a new one. And yes, don't forget the
    golden rule of establishing a finger-tight connection.

  • For
    Wireless Connection:
    you have used a wireless source to connect the Wavlink extender and
    router, then you need to mind the distance between them. Remember
    that both devices need to be present within the range of each other
    for optimal communication.

  1. Update
    the Firmware

you regularly perform Wavlink firmware update on your WiFi
extender? Probably not. Know that the WPS light on your Wavlink
extender might also blink due to an outdated firmware. Also, an
outdated firmware version has a tendency to make your extender
completely non-functional. So, before you run out of time, it is
suggested that you update the firmware of your Wavlink extender.

the firmware of your Wavlink WiFi extender is not a rocket science.
All you need to do is download the firmware file and upload it on
your extender by accessing the Wavlink setup wizard. Now, see if the
WPS light on your extender has returned to its normal state or not.
If not, then there are more troubleshooting techniques left in this

  1. Get
    Rid of Technical Glitches

a technical device, your Wavlink WiFi extender is susceptible to
glitches too. Like an outdated firmware version, they also possess
the power of subduing the Wavlink extender's performance. Therefore,
get rid of these glitches as soon as possible. FYI, you can resolve
technical glitches by implementing the simplest troubleshooting
technique i.e. rebooting.

process of rebooting the Wavlink extender involves the act of giving
it rest by unplugging it from the power source and re-plugging it
after some time. So, if rebooting the extender works in your favor,
then give a regular reboot to your extender apart from doing Wavlink
firmware update download
. Trust us, it will work wonders for you.

  1. Eliminate
    WiFi Interference

might be unaware but WiFi interference present in the surrounding of
your Wavlink extender has too much to do with its performance. Thus,
it can also be one of the reasons why you are witnessing the blinking
of the WPS LED on your extender. In order to fix the issue, remove
all the WiFi interference-creating factors from the room where you
have placed your extender.

of the major factors that contribute to creating WiFi interference
are televisions, refrigerators, smart cameras, indoor waterfall
walls, mirrors, fish tanks, etc. So, keep your Wavlink extender away
from such things.

  1. Reconfigure
    the Extender

the WPS light on your Wavlink extender might also keep blinking due
to the improper setup process. Thus, you need to set up your extender
properly. However, you need to reset your extender before that. Keep
in mind that the reset process will wipe out all the customized
settings from your extender including the Wavlink login

can restore your Wavlink extender to the factory default mode simply
by pushing the Reset button. Once your extender resets, access the
Wavlink setup wizard and configure your device from scratch.


is quite normal for the WPS light on the Wavlink extender to blink.
However, identifying the exact reason and implementing the correct
troubleshooting hack will help you do away with the issue. Let's hope
that you will be able to fix the issue you were facing with ease
using the tips and tricks discussed in this post.

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