Method No 4: Write a Description of Your Ideal Reality

Using your imagination, now write a detailed description of your new reality in which your ideal life and ideal self are already manifested. Write in the present tense as if all of your goals have already been achieved. Describe how you feel, think, behave and live, now that all is as you want it to be. Read this description daily or even rewrite as many times as you like for 90 days.

This is a wonderful exercise in which you describe your ideal reality already manifested in your life. Imagine as many details as you like. Do not, however, allow the details to limit how or where your reality will be manifest. This written description should focus on how you are feeling, living and enjoying your new reality, without limiting it to specific people or events. Give preference to describing your inner states such as feelings, gratitude and happiness now that all is ideal for you.

Let others be as they will

Avoid describing what others will or will not be doing, as we do not have the right to interfere in their free will and personal destiny. Imagine the others in contact with their inner divine light, their true self, which supplies them with unlimited power, guidance and healing energy. Do not imagine specific realities for others, but allow their inner light and higher self to use the energy you are projecting for them in ways that are most appropriate for their well being and evolutionary process.

We are creating and strengthening new “thought-forms” that will become energy forms and, eventually, physical realities. This is the process of manifestation through the human mind. The law here is that thought controls or attracts energy, which in turn attracts or controls matter. Our thoughts gather energy and eventually become physical realities.

Ideas become realties

All human creations start out as ideas or perceptions in the human mind. Then, with or without physical action, these ideas become reality. Look around you, noticing the buildings, roads, bridges, homes, tables, stoves, dishes, desks, computers, paintings, books, carpets, glasses, radios, TVs, cell phones and whatever might come into your vision. All of these were first an idea in a human mind which eventually became manifest in this physical dimension. All that exists starts as an idea in the conscious, subconscious or higher mind.

There are some highly evolved individuals who can manifest without external action. They have the power to create what to many seem to be miracles. The spiritual guide I mentioned earlier has this power. He is able to materialize instantaneously whatever he thinks of. That could be a fruit, or a ring, a watch or a healing, or, as previously mentioned, in an extraordinarily small amount of time and with very little energy, a hospital or university.

We are essentially doing the same on a smaller level. We are co-creators with the Divine. Our ideas, desires and goals gradually take form as we focus on them and give energy to them. As we exercise our ability to consciously create what we really want, we too will eventually become master creators here on the physical plane, co-operating with the divine source to manifest harmony, health, and abundance for ourselves and others.

This written exercise is one of the ways in which we begin to consciously create:

You can do this in two ways.

One is to write over and over the phrase
“Now that I have (manifested) _______, I have the following feelings ________.”
“Now that I have (manifested) _______, I think in the following ways ________.”
“Now that I have (manifested) _______, I have added the following to my life ________.”
“Now that I have (manifested) _______, I have let go of the following ________.”
“Now that I have (manifested) _______, I behave in the following ways ________.”

You can do this a number of times, for each goal separately or all together.

The second way is best done after completing the previous exercise. Write a general description of your new reality and all of the new emotions, thoughts, behaviors and ways of life. All of this should be written in the present tense.

Then you can read or even rewrite this description daily for 90 days.

Exercise no. 6 - If you like, you can now complete the above mentioned phrases in your notebook for this purpose.

Exercise no. 7 - If you feel you will enjoy it, you can also enter your description of your new ideal reality in your notebook.

From the forthcoming book 25 ways to manifest your Ideal life by Robert Elias Najemy.

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