To be successful in the direct sales business, you can find many good suggestions and tips online or from other direct sales consultants.

Here are a few of the most common ones:

* Set goals and work to achieve those goals.

* Network. Continually develop new contacts and relationships.

* Take business cards everywhere you go and hand them out.

* The word “no” really means “not at this time.” Don’t be afraid of rejection.

* Always remember to follow up.

* Marketing never ends.

Market and promote during good times and bad.

However, there is one important tip that you don’t find on many tip lists for direct sellers: making a schedule. That’s right, the importance of writing a schedule for your direct sales business is an often overlooked task. Making a schedule and keeping to that schedule is an integral part of the success of a business.

Write Your Business Schedule

Have you ever forgotten to do something? Ever forget to stop by the dry cleaners on the way home and pick up your wife’s dress? She probably wasn’t happy about that! Ever forget your anniversary? That probably didn’t move your relationship in a positive direction! We all forget to do things. Life can get so busy and complicated at times that it is easy to forget a chore, a task, a bill that need to be paid, or a special occasion.

Business mirrors life and we can easily forget things we need to do. A schedule is there as a constant reminder of everything that needs to be accomplished.

Effective Direct Sales Business Schedule

* Set a schedule up on your computer, your smart phone and on hard copy.

* Set up daily alerts on your computer that will remind you of a task that needs to be done.

* Keep the hard copy (a desk calendar, notebook, or something similar) with you as much as possible.

* Set up a specific time to create your schedule for the week.

* Even though you have set up a time to write your schedule, don’t be afraid to jot things down as they pop into your mind. This is why it is important to have a written schedule in addition to an electronic one.
* Consider using a voice recording device. This works great if driving consumes much of your business time. You can turn off the radio for a few minutes and listen to your schedule from time to time.

* Get used to using your schedule. Make it a habit. It will help you remember tasks, appointments, follow-up calls, business chores, and meetings.

It is important to think of your schedule as a companion. If you think of it in the same way a child thinks of their favorite stuffed animal, you’ll always have it with you. Even though you don’t find it on many lists, making a schedule is one of the most important tips to help you succeed in the direct sales business.

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