Years ago, the concept of writing electronic books had not really crossed my mind. I was too enamored by the idea of selling other people’s products. Who would not anyway? Being a middleman between product owners and buyers was too good a concept that I did not have to create a product from scratch.

No, I did not regret starting out in this business as an affiliate marketer. It was then that I actually learned the best lessons about online marketing and these same lessons I have been putting into practice till the present day. Ever since the interest for information products heightened, the demand for internet marketers to write ebooks has also increased.

These days, internet marketers who write ebooks have a very good edge in making money online. Not only that, if you write ebooks focused on the niche that you are specializing in, you get to cement your expertise in your industry. I tell you, this is not just all about writing ebooks for profit.

I know you have been reading a lot of blogs tackling on how to write and sell an ebook. I will not entirely dedicate today’s blog for that. Looking at this matter on a different perspective, I want to dissect this subject for the benefit of those free lance writers who are looking around for a good income source.

There are many gifted writers out there who are seeking opportunities to earn more money using their skills without really having to become an internet marketer themselves. I understand that. Not all online/offline writers want to be internet marketers and not all internet marketers want to write ebooks, too. As the subject line goes, internet marketers create their own ebooks to enhance their reputation among their peers and fellow internet marketers.

On a different light, writers write not solely because it’s their passion but also it’s their means to make a living (realistically). There are enormous opportunities for a writer to unleash his or her ability to write ebooks. There is a wide range of topics that you can write about.

You just need to focus on a certain “specialty topics” so that it will be easier and faster for you to be recognized in your field. Although I believe that being well-rounded these days is most preferred; for starters you can focus on a particular field but once you have established yourself online, you can entertain the possibility of “branching out” and broadening your scope.

It is important that you build a good portfolio especially when you join these freelance writer websites. You will be up to a lot of competitors so keep a good track record. Once you have a built a name for yourself as a freelance writer, it will be easier for you to bag projects and write ebooks.

Joining websites for free lancers is a big help and once you are there, make sure to give your very best effort to impress your clients. Be diligent, smart, and responsive.

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The author of this article, Menno Spijkstra, is an underground Internet Marketer who has been successful in selling products online for many years. Menno just released a new video series on how to Explore Profitable Niches.