There are many intricacies in the world of finding and working successfully with a ghostwriter. The better your understanding of that world, the better your experience with working with a ghostwriter will be. This article gives short answers to pertinent questions that you may have about working with a ghost writer for your ebook.

I do not address ghostwriters for online SEO (search engine optimization) articles here because, as a professional writer, I know that writing a book and writing SEO articles does not take the same skill. It is as different as going to a pediatrician for a gynecological condition. The two are doctors, true, but they just do not have the same on-the-job-skill. Their remedy regimen in fact can be in significant conflict. That does not make one moral and another immoral – just different.

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Phew! That was meant to be a short preamble (smile). Well, here we go…

How can I find a ghostwriter to write my story?
There are many sources, but I will mention only three. First, a forum such as this one,, where you have like minded souls congregating together is perfect to find a ghostwriter who resonates with your spirit. Second, from referrals from other people who have published books and ebooks. Third, from online and offline classified adverts where ghost writers advertise their services.

What can a ghostwriter do for me?
Technically, there is nothing a ghost writer cannot write for you. However, each individual has their own preferences, considerations, areas of interest, areas of expertise and all these will inform their choice to write for you or not to. Speak with the ghostwriter themselves and they will tell you what they can do.

Why should I work with a ghostwriter?
The primary reason in recent times is to get the best quality for your work. Unless you are a professional writer, a professional writer will do a better job because they are professional. The other reason that has gained great relevance in recent times is time. If you wish to write the book or ebook yourself, all your other obligations will come in the way (unless you take a sabbatical to write your book).
The world moves much faster today. If you have a bubbling idea, you need to get it said when it is still relevant. Since a ghost writer has no other intention on your work than to complete the manuscript, your work will be supported by that intention a lot more and will gain tangible form on time.

If a writer writes for me, whose name goes on the book as the author?
Unless you are working with someone who is not a professional, in the writing profession, the rues of ghostwriting are clear – the writer does not get any credit for authorship in a ghostwriting assignment. An outstanding ghost writer writes for you, in your voice, in your most preferred words, and you get the credit; they are your pen.

Isn't it wrong to have someone write for me and I get the credit?
It is a rule of the profession just as Music Stars get the fame, but we hardly ever hear of their producers and all other people that support that fame (well, not until reality TV came about). A professional ghost writer understands this. The only thing you may do is give them credit on the technical pages.

How much will a ghostwriter charge me?
The pricing varies per book or ebook, and from writer to writer. An online-based ghost writer is often 'cheaper' (and in no way less skilled) than an offline ghostwriter.
There are three ways of billing a ghost writer job; per hour, per page, and per project (the entire work on the book or ebook). Per project, the ghost writer will measure the work either in words or in pages and will also consider the amount of research required to complete a well-researched script.

What factors impact ghostwriter fees?
The location of the ghost writer and their skill are the two key factors that make the heaviest impact on fees on the average. However, a ghost writer who has penned a bestseller or a book for a famous individual will charge you way higher. Another factor that may come up is who you are and how much the ghost writer perceives you to be able to pay. If you have a famous face or name, the easiest way to overcome that perception is to make an offer first.

Why are ghostwriter fees high?
You will appreciate that value if you consider that you are committing your intellectual property to someone else to develop for you as yourself, which they will then give back to you with no commensurate fame to append to their name.

Isn't it fabulous that I can get ghostwriting services for a song on the internet?
The online article culture has created a 'cheap is great' attitude to ghostwriting services with a dangerous net result for someone looking for quality for a book or ebook. You cannot compromise on quality on a book or on an ebook because your name will be on it for a long, long time. Besides, when you get terrible copy, remember you will have to pay – again – to have the work rewritten. A published author will tell you, by the way, the final edition will never ever quite recover. Cheap for an ebook or a book is very, very expensive!

Why are offshore fees so much lower than fees from a developed country?
The internet opened up a vast world of options for people seeking various services including authors. The opening up of outsourcing hubs such as South Africa, Kenya, and India gives you a choice of skill as great as any at almost two thirds or even half the cost. The low pricing is not because work from an outsourcing hub is inferior, but because the optimum fee, given the power of their local currency, pitched against the Dollar, Euro, or Pound will still come out much lower.

What is a good bargain on ghostwriter fees?
Focus on two things to get a good bargain; the existing work of the ghost writer, and their location. A ghost writer charging you 50$ per page in a country with higher ghostwriter fees average, and one charging you 50$ in a nation with a much lower fees average, are simply not the same quality. The former will be worse than the latter, by far!

What documents do I give a ghostwriter seeing that we'll never meet?
Most of these are important: your notes scanned and saved as a PDF file or typed out as briefs; audio or video recordings of your thoughts; photos, drawings, illustrations, reports, and tables; past works if they are relevant to the project; the book's outline and proposed chapter ideas; and as much material as you believe will contribute to concretizing your book or ebook.

I will stop there. This is my contribution to the 'FAQ' page of questions about ghostwriting. If you have another pertinent question, please do not hesitate to write it to me. I will make sure I answer it in both the short and long version.
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