It's time again for Linda to teach "Inspirational Writing & Publishing Today" for the Loft Literary Center from March 14-April 18. This time, the class, which Linda has taught since 1998, is at the Hopkins Center for the Arts in Hopkins, a suburb just west of Minneapolis. Details are in the announcement section below.

Many of Linda's previous students have used information and encouragement from the inspirational writing class to go on and get books, articles, and stories published. At a recent Loft event, Linda met a woman who just had her book published. She said, "I wrote my book and found a publisher because of taking your class. Thank you."

The class always fills up fast, so be sure to register right away. Register online at www.loft.org or by phone at 612-379-8999. Specific information about the class is at https://www.loft.org/adult-classes (just fill in the form with name of instructor, Linda Anderson).

Allen and Linda Anderson
Angel Animals Network – Where Pets Are Family

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Linda Anderson, speaker, author, and founder of the Angel Animals Network, helps people discover and benefit from the miraculous powers of animals. She is dedicated to promoting human-animal companionship and the idea that pets are family. Linda donates a portion of proceeds from her work to animal rescue organizations and she does fundraising activities.