When you write an article it makes it easier if you have some type of 'system' to follow. This allows for you to develop a rhythm which leads to time efficiencies that are especially helpful if you are constantly writing articles. Many folks write articles for promotional purposes and this can be a great form of free online advertising. However the time invested to do so can add up therefore it is important to use this time most effectively.

If you write articles for the purpose of driving traffic to your business most likely there are areas of the writing process where too much of your time is spent.

Here is a simple 5 step process you can use to make better use of the time you invest when writing articles.

Determine Topic(s)

Start out by listing the topics you want to write about and make notes as to what points you want to cover on each particular topic.

When noting the points you want to make regarding each topic jot them down in a numbered or bullet point format. If you happen to have thoughts about any points as you are noting them take the time to also quickly jot down these thoughts.

Assemble Keywords

Select a list of keywords or keyword phrases that are applicable to your chosen topics. If you are often writing about the same general topics then you should maintain a keyword list you can draw from. This will save you lots of time since keyword research can be time consuming.


Develop a title that is descriptive and/or catchy but be sure it reflects what the article content will be about.

This is where I select my primary keyword and make sure I place it into the title itself.

Write Intro & Conclusion

Write your introduction being sure you sprinkle your secondary keywords sparingly throughout it. Be careful to only use these keywords or phrases where they make the most sense and do not try to force them into your content.

Right after the introduction is finished write the conclusion. This is the perfect time to do this since your conclusion should serve as a reminder of what the article body WAS all about. Being that you just wrote the introduction which tells your reader what the article body IS GOING to be about your train of thought will remain consistent.

Remember to sprinkle your keywords throughout the conclusion in much the same fashion as you did with the introduction.


Now you can go back to the listed points you noted earlier that you wanted to cover in the body of your content. You will find that writing the body of your article takes just minutes at this point since all the 'technical' aspects of your article have already been completed beforehand.

When you write an article it is easy to interrupt your train of thought resulting in an increase in time invested. Although composing articles is a great form of free online advertising the amount of time it can take can be frustrating. The key is to develop some type of practical 'system' which can streamline the writing process thereby saving you time. By adopting or adapting the above 5 step process you will likely increase your time efficiencies when authoring articles for the sake of driving traffic to your business.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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