Don't you hate it when you surf the internet and you don't find quality content that you're searching for? Search engines also hate when they find websites that are poorly done as far as content is concerned. The mission of the search engines is to deliver web pages that are relevant and of great information to the surfers. In fact, they work for surfers. Surfers want content that is informative and not crap content.

Let's say you have a college assignment to research on and you really want to score excellent grades. You go ahead and Google a keyword of the topic of your assignment. You find the pages returned by Google are relevant and of great information.

Bingo! That is what you were actually searching for, so you're happy. The next thing you do is to bookmark that website. And, you go tell your classmates about it so that they can visit that website. You tell them because you're not selfish and you want them to excel too. You want them to complete the assignment before the deadline of its submission expires. That is what actually happens when surfers find good quality content they were searching for. They bookmark and tell others about that website.

Google search engine uses two software programs to determine the quality of the content a website has and how relevant this content is to the keywords surfers are using to search on Google search engine. The Spider Software is the one that goes and brings the web pages back to the search engine's home page while the Algorithm software makes decision whether it's your website's page or some other website's page that is relevant for a specific keyword.

If Google search engine displays any of your website's pages on top of its results list, then you're assured that surfers are clicking your website. If it did not find any of your website's pages, then it means your website's pages are not recognized by it. They're not recognized because they have not been optimized on the search engines. Gosh, you must do something about it or else you'll be chasing after the wind for the rest of the days you'll be running your business online!

Making the search engines to recognize the pages of your website is one of the vital ways of growing your online business. If you want the search engines to display the pages of your website on top of its results pages, then you must really work to deliver quality content that contains a keyword. By doing this, you get traffic which propels your website.

Lesson! Search engines especially Google like websites that have good quality content. Surfers are searching for good quality content first before taking any other action.

When Writing Quality Content Avoid This Mistake

If you're selling instead of building trust and credibility through good quality content first, then you're doing a big mistake. You're killing your website which is also your online business. Once surfers enter your home page and find that you're after selling only, they'll immediately click their mouse out of your website. This is how you chase surfers from your website to go to other websites that delivers what they're craving for.

Provide great information (good quality content) that will benefit (problem solving content) people who are visiting your website before selling your product(s). You can do this through your website concept that is related to the product which you'll eventually recommend them to buy.

Now that you know this, I do hope you won't repeat this one big mistake.

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