When writing a blog post it is important to make the effort to produce something that can create a buzz amongst your readers! By doing so it is more likely what you wrote will go viral on the internet thereby presenting additional opportunities for you to get more traffic to your site!

Here are 3 suggested approaches you can use when writing content as a blogger that will become 'buzz worthy' enough to get more traffic landing on your site!

Counter Popular Opinion

Consciously choose to be different by adopting a stance that goes against popular opinion! This is one of the surest ways to stand out as a blogger by simply taking a stance not commonly taken! By presenting good 'reasons' as to why you feel the way you do can and likely will help your post go viral! Getting your blog talked about in and around the internet community is possibly the best way to get more traffic visiting your platform! The best part is little or no additional effort is required by you!

Shock Readers

Stating the 'unexpected' always gets noticed and this can be easily done when creating any content you choose to publish! For the most part people enjoy and are accustom to viewing material that is informative or makes them feel good and/or inspired! When posting to your site make the effort to use titles as well as content that 'slaps' readers in the face insofar as using shocking statements or statistics! If what you post is both accurate and relevant there is little doubt that you can create a buzz within the community! Here too it's simply a matter of now letting others 'spread the word' while you sit back and wait for any new visitors to stop by and see what others are talking about!

Try Candor

Being candid in many cases is not only refreshing but will also catch the attention of others! Maintaining a certain 'political correctness' simply serves to help you 'fit in' while on the other hand sharing your opinion can easily raise some eyebrows! All too often most people are too concerned with saying the 'right' things but as a blogger you need to cast that concern aside! If you have an opinion about something, share it, and if it's one that is not commonly held, all the better! Remember your key to building a successful blogging platform is dependent upon standing out! Writing in any way you can that will make you or what you wrote different is the best way to create a buzz! Of course once this buzz has been created your work is done!

Writing a blog post that can create a buzz with the readers on your site is the first step in getting it to go viral on the internet! When people see or read anything that doesn't conform to what we deem as the norm, they are compelled to talk about it! As a blogger this is what you want since once your content does go viral, it typically helps to get more traffic heading toward your platform! Creating updates that capture the attention of others can be done by using any or all of the 3 approaches discussed here today! As any blogger knows there is always the need to get more traffic to their site but when you can do that tapping into the efforts of others, well all the better!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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