Covering letter writing is not an easy task it requires you to research the company and role, understand their ethos and then try to write something which will stand you out from the 50 other applicants, who are all trying to do the same thing.

Writing a covering letter that is unique is the hardest thing. What makes you stand out? Is it your education, training or maybe something from your recent experience? Whatever it is, it’s essential to have your own unique selling point when covering letter writing. This is also an excellent opportunity to show that you understand the company that you are applying for. Not just what they produce, but their position in the market, targets and what makes them special. With your resume without even saying a word you can carve an effective image on the mind of interviewer.

Covering letter writing services are an option if you are looking for some professional help, or you know your competition is going to be intense. Many packages are available, from graduate covering letters to management covering letter services. The importance of a covering letter is all too often overlooked.  It not only gives an insight into you as a person, it highlights any research you have undertaken about your potential employer Whoever you decide to use make sure that they have a good level of experience and they have a history of providing good career services. Trusting any company can lead towards you paying money without even attaining results. Therefore, always ensure that you make the selection of a reliable and experienced firm.

Covering letter services in London have been around for 20 years and have normally be exclusively for the use of investment bankers and hedge fund managers. However, now covering letter services are widely used by all professions. Since the economic downturn and the increasingly competitive jobs market more and more attention has been given over to covering letter writing. It is far more than just an introduction to you and your CV, it’s an example of your use of the English language, it shows your research and it further also shows you understand the business you are looking to join. So ensure that your resume also comprises of covering letter so as to put forth all your skills and potential which you have to serve the company.

One of the highest regarded covering letter writing services is a careers consultancy called Adducology, who specialise in covering letter writing, CV writing and interview training. They aim to provide complete a package for those looking for a change in their career. If you are among all those individuals looking forward to add a spark in your resume with covering letter then trust Adducology. Prices start at a reasonable £59.99 for a graduate and increase up to management covering letter writing.

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Adducology, the careers consultancy can be seen at and there are three options when writing a covering letter dependent on your career level. They also offer a discount if you also use a CV writing service in conjunction will a covering letter service.