It is amazing how many articles are out there on the Internet about online marketing. Many of them aren't that good are they? Certainly I'm sure you've noticed as well. In fact, I've seen some article authors who have created thousands of articles on online article marketing worth, just above let's say absolutely nothing, and then they expect the reader to click on the link to come to their website only to get some sort of a splash page that makes the reader put in their e-mail address? Why don't we talk about this for a moment shall we?

Why would someone want to put their e-mail address to get on a mailing list to get more nonsensical information? They wouldn't, and generally they don't, so consider if you will how many people they are turning off, who are clicking out of the website by using this methodology. There is a right way and a wrong way to write articles on Internet marketing, or on article marketing online.

Yes, there are probably four or five things that you might specialize in, and be able to help folks with who are selling goods and services on the Internet, and listing those three items might be relevant for perhaps one article, but not for thousands of articles on the exact same topic, and in that case you're just cluttering up the Internet. How is cluttering up the Internet helping the online article marketing community? It doesn't, and I would submit to you that it is destroying it.

Now then, I suggest what you do is you present articles which contain a challenge or a problem that some online entrepreneur might have, along with the solution that you provide - a viable solution which help them through their issues. Do you ever wonder why very few article marketers are doing this? I don't, I know why, and let me tell you. You see, very few of these people have ever helped anyone increase sales online, they don't have a lot of stories to tell, as they are too worried about getting money coming in rather than actually helping the people using their expert knowledge, or they don't have any real knowledge that isn't already out there. Their big secret is; they don't have any big secrets to help online marketers.

With all the articles on this topic out there on the Internet, I would submit to you there are very few people that can tell you anything you can find on your own by searching online. So what exactly are they selling? Hype, why do you want to buy Hype, and why would you want to put your e-mail address into a website from an untrustworthy source hyping their ability, and unwilling to give you any information of value in the article?

You should, therefore if you are writing articles on this subject, do it with stories, case studies giving examples, and real meat in your article. Why on Earth would anyone want to do business with you if you are writing crappy articles to attract them claiming to have some secret that both of us know you don't have. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it, because it has become a pet peeve of mine. You see as an article author myself I see is a massive sea of debris around me. The article writing community needs to fix this and clean house.

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