Writing articles is a great way of driving traffic to your site but this practice also helps to boost your search engine rankings as well. Most everybody is aware that the link you place within your resource box is there for readers to click on in order to visit your site. This however is by no means the only way the traffic to your website benefits when you write articles. Another more subtle yet powerful traffic generation technique is also being 'played out' that allows you to capture search engine traffic as well.

Here are 3 ways your search engine rankings benefit when you write articles and distribute them online which taps into an even more potent traffic source.

Ability to Use Keyword Optimization

When focusing on a niche you are able to use a very large selection of words and phrases that covers the niche or market. Unlike a website however when you write articles you are NOT limited to the number of keywords you can use since you can submit as much content as you want. This means a more comprehensive use of your keyword list as different words are utilized within the different content you distribute.

Articles Circulate for an Extended Period of Time

The point of any content you circulate online is for it to contain useful or interesting information. When you succeed at doing this it increases the length of time your article will stay 'live' thereby allowing more people to view it, use it and link to it. The more links you build the better your chances of increasing your search engine rankings. And with that said…

Ability to Build Back Links

Being able to build back links from many varying sources of influence is unheard of with just a one time effort! Articles are able to accumulate links from article directories, which generally have high rankings themselves, and other sources or businesses that find a use for or interest in your information.

Writing articles is popular means for driving traffic to your site with the addition of a link you place within your resource box. This strategy however also increases the amount of visitors to your site by siphoning off laser targeted search engine traffic as well. Your ability to increase your search engine rankings by circulating content is what leads to this additional source of visitors. The 3 ways circulating content online help to boost your rankings are discussed above and are very potent and not to be ignored! By paying closer attention to the quality and optimization of any article you write you can easily multiple the amount of traffic you receive.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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