When composing blog content your focus must be on creating something visitors have an interest in reading! Falling into the habit of simply writing content just so you have another update to post can easily cost you readers! If you don't spark their interest in some way people will simply move on to another site never to return! The only way you can expect to build traffic is by creating a buzz about the content you post. When this happens not only do more visitors turn up but more return as well!

Presenting something people have an interest in reading is the only way to build traffic on your blog and here are 3 tips on how you can do so!

Hot Topic - New Spin

Locating hot topics is fairly easy to do with the use of online searches, comments left and even visiting social sites to peek in on what they're are talking about! What you want to do is present a new perspective or perhaps share your insights if you have any when writing content based upon these topics. By doing so you are having readers 'stretch' their thinking since your views are not something they've likely seen before! With that being said you are also insuring what you wrote 'smacks' of originality since these thoughts are uniquely your own!

Use Words Wisely

When writing content be mindful of how you are delivering your thoughts in terms of being both clear and concise! Readers have many choices when it comes to viewing material they may have an interest in reading so don't challenge them with your delivery! Also and this is important, you want to focus on your ability to 'communicate' your points and NOT on showing off your vocabulary! Allow the dictionary to collect dust and 'speak' as simply as you can since in most cases if you're not familiar with a word your reader won't be either!

Provoke More Report Less

Taking a stance counter to what most viewers may feel you can certainly gain their attention and likely a few comments as well! Here too you can focus on a popular subject and propose a few points not necessarily embraced by the general public! When doing so be sure you can 'reasonably' back up your stance in a logical manner which will help to create a bit of a 'brain twister' for viewers! Provoking thought and/or reaction in this way can give visitors an incentive for returning to see if they may have an interest in reading future updates of yours! In the very least you have created a slight buzz which can and will help to build traffic to your 'humble' platform!

Posting blog content that people have a genuine interest in reading involves more than simply offering viewers facts, figures and news! You want and need to engage visitors in a way that both informs and stimulates them as our discussion above suggest in the 3 tips offered! Remember in order to build traffic on your blog visitors need to see something they can't anywhere else and presented in a way they can easily view! By keeping this in mind when writing content as a blogger, you stand a much better chance of readers returning time and again!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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