Writing blog posts that provoke thought and create intrigue is a very effective way to get site visitors to return! Anytime you post updates that get readers thinking it's usually a safe bet that they'll return to see if you can duplicate your previous effort! The more they return the greater their loyalty becomes and this is exactly what you need to develop a successful blog! This is also why it's good to know how to compose and post updates readers will find intriguing! Following are 5 different approaches for creating entries that should capture the attention of site visitors and tickle their curiosity compelling them to return time and again!


Posing questions is a sure way to gain the attention of readers but it's the type of question which will determine their level of interest! When asked anything people almost always focus on the source of the question whether it is to formulate an answer or to simply dismiss it as unimportant! The key here is when you post updates questioning your readers you already know what they're interested in so you can use this to ask intriguing questions!


Challenges directed at your site visitors can target their current beliefs or even used to motivate them to take a certain action! Challenging someone does not always have to be confrontational in nature but can simply be a issuance to reconsider a current course. This type of approach can often be quite thought provoking since reasons are typically given as to why the challenge has been issued and these reason often can be logical.


Using shock is another great method utilized, often in headlines, to draw attention to the content that follows. Shocking anybody tends to get them to stop what they're doing so they can 'digest' what it is that just caught them off guard. To make the most of this approach a blogger can give logical reasons for their shocking statements in a way that makes sense and is therefore intriguing to site visitors! Keep in mind people do not have to agree with you to be intrigued as long as your 'logic' is sound!


With many issues or topics the writer may have prior experience which can give them unique insights they can share! This presents to readers perspectives they may have not considered previously and if it's about a subject of their interests, which on a blog it typically is, intrigue will be present! Using your own insights is always great material for content you can use to post updates with since it's almost always unique!


Any successful blog generally uses their site as a platform for voicing their opinion for a number of reasons. People want to know what others think so they can agree or disagree but generally it helps validate their own beliefs! Also the site administrator usually has the respect and interest of subscribers therefore they have little or no inhibition about sharing their opinion! If nothing more this provokes a reaction that leads to comments and further interaction by participants and this type activity is always good!

When writing blog posts your goal is to grab the attention of sites visitors and pull then into the content you are offering. What you want to do is create an memorable/enjoyable experience so these same people will return. This is the only way to build reader loyalty and of course a successful blog as well! Using intrigue is a very effective way to post updates that people will remember and 5 simple approaches for doing so are offered here today! The intrigue you create can be accomplished by using current news or events and simply presenting them in one of the 5 ways suggested above! In this way your efforts are minimized and you can still post updates that give viewers the memorable experience they want!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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