Writing blog posts is the single most important responsibility of any blogger trying to get more traffic to their site! In fact this is something that needs to be recognized even before you 'actively' begin blogging so you can be better prepared when the time comes to post updates to your platform! The key to operating a successful blog is to compose your entries in such a way that will entice visitors to return! Returning visitors is standard measure of any successful blog therefore your focus in this area is required!

Here are 3 quick tips that will help you compose and post updates to your blogging platform that will entice your visitors to return time and again!

Reader Friendly Format

Formatting your content in such a way when you post updates to make it easier to scan and/or read will increase the appeal of your site! Keeping paragraphs and sentences short by writing as concisely as possible is a great first step! Using bullet points and sub-titles will also make it easier to break up the text thus reducing eye strain! The last thing you want or need is to present large blocks of text that greets visitors when they land on your platform since this will likely 'repel' them from staying on your blog! Do NOT challenge people but rather embrace their arrival with a layout that is easy on the eyes and thus more appealing to visitors! Remember making people comfortable and enticing them to return is crucial to having a successful blog!

Internal Linking

The fact of the matter is that the longer people 'linger' on your site the more likely they'll return! When you post updates always be sure to link any other entries of relevance you may have made in the past! This results in not only people remaining on your platform for a longer period of time but also makes navigation a breeze! Incidentally search engines will also find it easier to 'crawl' your site helping to boost your ranking and thereby get more traffic as well!

Invite Comments

If you want visitors to feel 'welcomed' it is ALWAYS recommended to allow comments! Actually you can even 'invite' comments by posing questions or asking for suggestions and/or opinions when ever you post updates! Sometimes it takes a little encouragement like this to draw people out of their 'shell' but when they do participate it typically draws even more comments from others! Discussions like these help develop a greater sense 'belonging' for visitors and this type of atmosphere is the foundation you need to have a successful blog!

Writing blog posts is THE most important responsibility you take on as a blogger and is the best way to get more traffic to your site! In order to have a truly successful blog however you need to give people a reason to return starting with presenting a user friendly experience! The tips above offer 3 'subtle' ways in which you can enhance the experience people have when you prepare to post updates to your platform! Obviously your content needs to be of good quality but the way in which you present it will also help determine whether you have a successful blog or not!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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