College students are at times instructed to write college essays as part of their assignment. When faced with such a task, a student needs to keep in mind all the steps necessary for writing an essay. The essay assignment should not be just a simple writing assignment but a rather persuasive and interesting piece of essay. Originality and creativity are thus paramount when writing an essay. The two features enable a student to come up with an original and interesting essay writing assignment. The other skills that are extremely important for writing an essay are exceptionally perfect essay writing skills. Students who possess such skills have the capability of writing persuasive essays that can easily grab readers’ attention. The objective of writing an essay should be to give a reader the urge to read it from the first to the last paragraph hence, an essay has to be as intriguing as possible.
It is essential to follow all the instructions and questions given when writing an essay. Failure to do so most of the times results to scoring disappointing and failing grades at the end of an academic term. Students should therefore make sure to read all the instructions given prior to tackling their essay writing assignments. Common instructions range from following the appropriate format and structure and writing essays with appropriate number of pages. Originality is the other key aspect needed when writing an essay, in that, students are required to try as much as they can to present original content and ideas in their in their essay papers. Arguments should be supported by use of original facts and ideas in order to avoid ending up with plagiarized essays. A relevant structure has to be followed when writing an essay. Most essays have an introduction, thesis statement, body and finally the conclusion section. These sections should be organized and included according to instructions given.
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