When writing content you want to publish online you must create something unique in order to even get noticed! Let's face it you will not always be able to rely upon finding news or information never before seen! It is therefore up to content developers to take material already present and re-create something that people will have an interest in reading.

Here are 3 ways to capture the attention of people with the content you publish online!

Be Relevant

Your first step is to always consider the relevancy of what you are trying to publish online to the audience you are targeting! This relevance should also reflect a level of popularity at the time of publication. Old news is just that, therefore focus on what has 'captured' the attention of others insofar as 'current' news/events/issues or even trends! Without maintaining some type of relevancy to your target audience you may produce something others have an interest in reading, but it will do you little good! Your intent is to attract people who have the same focus as you or what you do, so do not veer off topic or you will not attract the traffic you need!

Counter 'Public Opinion'

Offer a view counter to popular opinion but be prepared to back it up with sound logic! This approach is what I call a 'snicker' approach because you are intentionally trying to create a stir! Many content developers will take currently popular topics and position themselves opposite of predominant public opinion. By doing so people take notice and while some may refer what you wrote to friends, others make take issue with what you publish online and argue their point. In either case you are gaining their attention! By presenting a logical or reasonable exclamation as to why you took the stance you did, people will take you more seriously and therefore pay closer attention!

Unique Insight

Every body and I mean everybody has a different perspective of the world we live and this is something content developers can use in their favor! Offer a perspective that is uniquely your own and thought provoking as well! Any 'slant or angle' you can take that makes sense but has not been widely covered will bring 'uniqueness' to your publication. The insight you offer could help enlighten others who do not share the same perspectives. In this way offering your own insight can really give people an interest in reading what you have published!

When writing content you intend to publish online the challenge is to create something unique that people in your niche will have an interest in reading! There is not enough news or information to use that has not been seen before therefore content developers need to be creative in re-packaging existing information in a way that is useful. The suggestions above offer 3 strategies that can be used to help re-develop reading material in a way that will intrigue the people in your niche. In this way you can make better use of current news and/or issues by presenting it in a manner where people will have an interest in reading what you created!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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