To some people writing love letters is a thing of the past and many do not see the sense of doing it because of emails yet for many of our parents age this was the way they communicated and this also help them to get to know each other and when the times were rough this help them to make it through.

Many people will suggest to you that you need to use the right paper and use the right pen is important and it has its merits but do not use this to stop you if you do not have these items from being able to express your true feelings from your heart because in the end this is what matters.

The length of the love letter

The length of the love letter does not matter it all depends on you and how you feel and what you want to express.
The opening and the ending does help to set the tone of the letter and where you are heading in the relationship.

In the beginning it is good to just write what you have to say do not worry about spelling or putting the words right later you can work on this you just need to write from your heart what you want to express.

The look may not be as important

If you are a man the look may not be as important to you as if you are a woman writing the letter so this varies of course when you are telling how you feel and having the words to express this in the best way possible is helpful if you do not have the best words then use the dictionary or a book of poems that you or your partner likes.

Being romantic

Being romantic to the person you are sending this to if the person is not a romantic person does not and will not work so knowing a little about the type of person helps you to share what you truly want to say.

Is the person logical or romantic do they take their time to say how they feel or are they fast and to the point.

If you know what type of person they are and what are their likes and dislikes as work or hobby that helps to connect with them.
How far you are in the relationship will make a difference in the way you talk to them and what you have to say.

Different types of love letter

There are different types of love letter and some may be for encouragement, to missing you, to asking for a second chance, knowing what you want to share in the letter can and does help.

Writing down the main things you want to say in hand writing will help as a starter and you can later go back and correct it and from that point you can fill in the areas with how you have been spending your time away or what you want to do when next you meet.

Conclusion : Writing love letters can help to bring back the romance into the relationship that was once there so go for it and say how you feel.

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