The following sub-heads are always considered when writing chapter one in research work, all of them from the introduction of the project. They are:
1. Background of the study: this is a discussion that centers on the history of the area of the study to be research on. The modern research into that area should be discussed in the background of study. This is why the writer has to make a lot of review (reading) on different text relevant to his or her topic before writing the background of study. Such text may include: journals, bulletins, newspapers, conference papers, seminar papers, and modern textbooks.
2. Theoretical Framework: this is a specific review on the variables that are related to the construct (topic of the research). The writer will not make a general literature review in this unit because chapter two will take care of that but only major variables of the topic. Depending on the topic of the project, three (3) to four (4) theories are enough.
3. Statement of the problem: each construct on research topic is a problem. The writer has to state what he actually went to find out which occurs will be the result of his findings. The result of his findings should be relevant to the society and not what others have already concluded. If it is what others have already concluded, it means the writer has not done anything.
4. Purpose of the study: another name for purpose is reason. Every research studies should be purpose built. The purpose of any study has to do with what the research is aiming at in the study. Here, the writer has to specifically state why he wants to write on the selected topic and what he wants to achieve. For example: to determine the effect of soil erosion in Akamkpa Local Government Area.
5. Significant of the study: significance seeks to establish the necessity for the study. It has to do with the importance of the study.
6. A. Research Questions:
Research questions are questions that will guide the researcher in his findings. Questions are always very specific and specific answers are needed. The questions are framed after due considerations of the research topic, background, rational and significance of the study. As the name implies, they are purely questions that ask for the existing or purported relationship between the dependent and independent variables involve in the study.
B. Research Hypothesis:
Hypothesis is a statement that expresses what may likely happen if a particular thing is done or action takes place.

7. Assumption of the study: this is what we assumed that it will happen if a particular action or thing is done. The assumption may be true or false.
8. Limitation of the study: these are obstacles or problems encountered during the research that may contribute to ineffective or substandard academic project.
9. Delimitation of the study: this is the scope within which the research will cover or will not go beyond.
10. Definition of terms: this should be the last sublevel of chapter one. These are the principle terms related to the topic most especially where those terms are different meanings to different people. Emphasis should be placed on operational definitions.

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