by G.Thomas

This is in response to many questions I am getting from readers about how they can write or include in their blogs, stories that will keep their readers attention and response. Foremost it is true that content is king. If you cannot think of why or how your information can be useful to others then you are writing to yourself.

Most importantly I submit to you that how you present your ideas and information will determine whether that content will even be understood or acknowledged. Here is the key that is working for me. When you write read it back over while you write. I usually read over about every half page and then continue on. When you do this pretend you are seeing it for the first time as your readers will. Ask yourself where and how you are leading the readers attention and thoughts. When you can see what main thoughts you have put in their mind you can better understand where you have their attention and can and should use this to keep their attention.

Syntax –means –arrangement-- of words in sentences. For that matter let us go further and suggest the arrangement of sentences within paragraphs. Even further let us go further and contemplate the arrangement (system) of paragraphs within a story.

As a writer I can most definitely assure that this is the one and most important factor that determines the uniqueness, color, style and impact that a story, essay or prose will create. While the content of course is the overall priority; it is the way in which it is presented that merits its impact and power.

Firstly, as a disclaimer I will say that I am not trying to present any kind of perfection at the University level because I have nothing to prove. Over time I have found that my main thoughts when writing a story is where and how it leads a readers attention and thinking. Yes, I always establish to myself what my intentions are and what it is that I want to fix in the readers mind by the end. It is then a matter of how I want them to get there. This is where the beauty of creativity comes into being. Your can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink. You may have heard that idea. But I submit to you that just how you lead them there will more so determine whether they drink or not!

Here are some practical tips to keep in mind:
Decide what and why. What is the information or ideas that you want to present? Why do you think this could be useful or desired by your potential reader? Establishing an answer to these two questions will in your own mind keep you grounded and on track. An essential starting place with which to build your campaign of ideas.

Write simply enough so that it can be easily understood. You are not writing a novel or a classical piece of literature. Watch out for repetitive sentences. If this happens it usually means you did not express it well enough the first time or the sentence does not fit well into the paragraph.

Write down for yourself in point form how you are presenting. Even in a simple article this works. It must make sense. Remember here you are charting out the main architecture from which you will write your information and ideas. Here is the anchor point for your reference so that as creative as you want to be you will not lose track yourself.

Use easy to understand examples to help get your idea across. This can be very helpful. For example;--you can lead a horse to water...--

Be human and light if appropriate. People love to read as if you are talking to them casually, as though over a cup of coffee. Humor is fun to read when it fits in appropriately. It is easy on the eyes and is passive writing; does not demand they agree with you.

Do not try to prove your vocabulary or intelligence by using difficult words unless they are the best suited to explain yourself. You could lose their interest if you do this.

Depending on what information you are presenting it can be useful to use the knowledge of others in your piece. There is nothing wrong with quoting from another. In fact most all would be flattered and happy if you use their information. Providing of course that you ALWAYS give them credit for it. I personally know how it feels to see my own writing published without giving credit to me or my website. It is disrespectful and thievery. In my website I employ writing by others when I see if it is written well enough to be useful to others. I also employ articles by others when permission has been granted; when they would like to be published on my site. If you are thinking about doing this I would highly recommend browsing through the many article directories because permission is already given if you publish their Link.

Whatever it is that you are writing, perhaps a journal, a fictional story, an informational piece, a sales pitch or promoting a business or website, I would highly recommend that you keep a few factors in mind because you will get better results. Write with some respect to the reader. Respect that they can understand you, then you can set out to convince and present your ideas. I think just about everyone has seen condescending or ridiculing sales pitches where they try to sell you by telling you that you are foolishly doing things the wrong way and should buy their product! Enjoy your writing experiences. Why not?

Author's Bio: 

G.Thomas was educated at the University of Toronto and has experienced involvement in many belief system practices throughout the years. He has worked as an English Tutor and Counselor. He has experience working in the Health Food Retail industry and has read extensively about nutritional supplements and diet. G.Thomas is well versed in practical philosophies and writings. He has had experience in studying metaphysics, epistemology, objectivism, Christianity, Scientology, Zen Buddhism, Atheism, Montessori Method of schooling, 12-Step Programs, Addiction Rehabilitation, Martial Arts and Constructive Living (D.K.Reynolds.) His sociological study continues and the website Grasping Thoughts is concerned with Mindful Self Improvement Practices and Beliefs. He presently resides in Ontario,Canada and continues with writing pursuits and sociological studies. Have a quick read if you will; many like my site. Regards, G.Thomas