Writing with the Infinite Spirit
By Dr. Carol S. Batey

My new book, Writing with the Infinite Spirit is now out on amazon.com and www.WhereAngelsTakeFlight.com. In my workshops students have asked me how to write under the influence of the Infinite Spirit. We all have teachers and guides that are non-physical beings who assist our earthly journey. If, you are one who’s to write about aircrafts, then you may call into your reality a guide for assistance. Non-physical teachers help people understand the yearnings of their inner soul. Within the content of the Bible, we know that angels carry out the will of Infinite Spirit. They give guidance to humans in visions. Give meanings to dreams, give praise, and worship their Deity. Angels have never had a physical body. Many people have only heard about Archangels Michael, Raphael or Gabriel, but there are many more.

You have the illumined Light within your soul, and you have been guided always by the still small voice. Maybe you have been unaware of the Light workers who assist us beyond the veil. Become a seeker and look for communication in your daily life. Cling to the inner passions o your soul by not being so preoccupied by the earthly cares of this world. Write your books and ask your non-physical beings for assistance and they will show up. I want to hear from you.

Author's Bio: 

Carol Batey is the author of seven books