Writing an essay to pass a standardized test; is an ordinary situation which mostly students have come through with. Undergraduate students are the active target of such dilemmas. The situation get worse when students are given limited time to complete the assignment and write it according to the standards. The entry tests always make you feel butterflies in your stomach. But here is a solution to your problems
Understanding the basic of essay writing can relief you from most worries as mostly essays are practiced on a same pattern. The format and standard of different types of essays follows common frame work.
The ordinary essay format which has been recommended by essay writers; is a five paragraph essay where an introduction part is most likely to give an intro to the essay problem or topic. Followed by the essay body paragraphs, which are subjected to deliver arguments related to the essay topic, they should essentially be supported with proper evidences and relevant examples.
Finally the last conclusion paragraph ties all the knots of your arguments and relates it to the final conclusion of it. The concluding point has to be strong in which all points comes together to support your thesis point.
Remember to answer the essay question that has been assigned to you in your standardised essay paper. If you are to “compare” or “enlist” some issues than work a bit more to relate your points to the essay question.
The important thing to memorise when you lack time is; to deliver the main idea for every paragraph in points and jot them. Your essay should adhere what exactly you have been asked for.
Tenses should be used smartly. If it’s an essay about your experiences then use first person “I”. Do not overload your paper with fancy and difficult words and phrases. Remember your essay should be written in your style that will make it a custom essay.
Essays which are assigned to test your skills should never resemble an essay which has been offered “free” online or by some writing services provider’s “buy essay” type. The best way to format your essay in an impressive manner is to format it in UK essay format. Proofread your essay twice before submission.

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