The other day I ran into a woman who asked me the typical question that seems to be a common start to many conversations. She asked: “So what do you do?” First of all, being an entrepreneur who has his feet in many waters, I never quite know how to answer that question. However, considering I was at the library, I thought it was appropriate to answer by saying: “I am a published author whose book and company focuses on strengthening families everywhere.” I will never forget the response this middle-aged woman gave, and the lesson I learned, when in excitement and regret she said: “Congratulations! Wow, you are an author. The manuscript for my book has been sitting in my drawer for over fifteen years.”

Where is your manuscript? Is it also in the drawer, sitting and collecting dust? Perhaps it is still in your mind, being mulled over and thought about every once in a while. Or, perhaps it is actually in your mind – but you have not discovered it yet!

Let’s be honest – each of us, at one point in time, has had an idea come to our minds that we thought would be a great book idea. Perhaps it was a mysterious fictional story, a self-help book from something you have learned and experienced, a how-to book, an adventure or romance novel, or possibly even simply an autobiography or compilation of family stories and experiences. But let’s also be honest – the reason that book has not been written is NOT because of the idea, relevance of the wisdom and experiences shared, or the excitement of the plot within the potential book – it is because of the lack of belief and work ethic of the potential author.

But I can just picture it now – you as the reader (with or without a book idea) are thinking one of these many thoughts: writing and publishing a book is hard; finding an agent to accept the manuscript is impossible; no large publishing house will publish my book; I don’t know the first thing about writing and marketing a book; I just don’t have the time; there are so many other books on that subject; or any other foolish excuse. It is interesting because the only limitations in life are the ones we create, believe, and nourish within our own minds!

Now, I would be the fool if I promised you that an agent or publishing house will accept your manuscript and you’ll thus have great success. However, I can promise you that a book’s success does not lie in the hands of an agent, publishing house, book idea, or even the size of the market – it lies in the author of that book believing in themselves and the book, committing to do whatever it takes to be successful, overcoming the voices of fear and failure, taking a risk, and persisting until you accomplish your goal.

So, where is your manuscript? Do you already know about it, or do you need to discover it? Regardless of where it is, writing and publishing a book is possible if you … believe that it is possible, have faith in yourself, commit to take daily action, realize you may experience rejection and failure at times, but continually persist until your goal, dream, and book become a reality.

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