Wo Yao, Lindera Root, or also called Spice Bush is a powerful Asian healing herb that works wonders to bring vital energy into the body, healing diabetes, bladder problems, premature aging… and much more. Wu Yao is another prized root like ginseng that works wonders for creating great health, plus it’s very important for those who are getting older.

Where it Grows - Wu Yao is a evergreen flowering plant that grows to be 3 to 9 feet tall that has white or yellow flowers and red berries, and the roots are harvested in China, Japan, and Korea for their healing abilities.

Abdominal Pain and Bloating - Wu Yao is great for healing abdominal pain and also for getting rid of bloating caused by excessive gas.

Traditional Chinese Medicine - In Traditional Chinese Medicine Wu Yao is used for healing liver stagnation and spleen deficiency, also vomiting, fatigue, shortness of breath, and tightness in the chest. It’s also used to warm the bladder, lung, spleen and kidney meridians.

Increases Circulation - Wu Yao increases circulation in the body and by stimulating contractions of the heart and thus increasing or decreasing blood pressure… thus helping to balance blood pressure in general.
Helps with Fatigue - Wu Yao helps with fatigue by exciting the cerebral cortex, thus helping with depression and improving a person’s mood.

Helps with Inflammation - Studies show that Wu Yao also helps with inflammation. Thus helping with pain, swelling, and tenderness… thus Wu Yao works well for treating arthritis and joint pain.

Excessive Urination and UTI - Wu Yao has also been used for healing excessive urination and urinary tract infections. And Wu Yao enhances smooth muscle performance and thus improves bladder and sphincter tone.

Antimicrobial - Wu Yao is antibacterial and antiviral in action. Thus helping to get rid of invading bacteria and viruses. That means it can help with colds, flues, and even other bacterial and viral infections.

Helps with Diabetes - Studies show that those who are treated with Wu Yao have better renal function, serum creatinine, and creatinine clearance compared to control groups. Thus Wu Yao is very important for healing kidney disease in general.

Powerful Antioxidants - In studies Wu Yao was found to contain powerful antioxidants such as apigenin, norisoboldine, honokiol, magnolol, and luteolin and a new antioxidant called compound “U”. Thus all these antioxidants have the ability to get rid of free radicals, heal DNA damage… and prevent disease in general and slow the aging process.

Other Uses - Wu Yao has also been used to heal stomachaches, gastritis, gastric ulcers, back and leg pain, asthma, congestion, abdominal hernias and even cancer.

Contains - Wu Yao contains the compounds - Sesquiterpenoids, Laurolitsine, Linderol, Linderane, Sesquiterpenoids, Isolinderalactone, Linderalactone, Neolinderalactone, Lindestrenolide, Lindenenone, Linderene, Lindestrene, Linderene acetate, Chamazulene, Isolinderoxide, Linderazulene, and a few more amazingly healing compounds.

Forms - Wu Yao can be found as powders, capsules, and pills… plus it’s used in many herbal formulas for healing bladder problems, kidney disease, and for slowing aging… and other health challenges.

Finding - Wu Yao can be ordered on-line and ask for at your local health food store, or Chinese Herbal Store and Asian Market.

Dose - Most people recommend 3 to 10 grams per day. The root is usually simmered in water and the resulting tea is taken daily.

Wu Yao is usually used in combination with two to three other herbs and made into a powerful tea, capsules, and tea pills. Make sure to work with a good herbalist or Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner to find the exact combination of herbs along with Wu Yao that will work best for any particular set of health challenges.

And as with all herbs, not all herbs work for every person, just like some antibiotics and anti-depression medications don’t work for everyone. So it’s important to try different herbs to find out exactly what works for a particular individual. We are all different, and that means we have different bodies, and those differences must be taken into account when working with any kind of healing agent.

Plus all herbs should only be taken for 7 to 10 days, and then take a break, and then if needed come back and taken another round of natural treatment. It’s important to keep our livers healthy, because everything we eat, drink does have an impact on our liver. And our liver is our first line of defense for preventing disease. It’s all about keeping everything in balance… the yin and the yang.


Dr. Paul Haider - Master Herbalist

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