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Amazon Prime is the subscription service that offers its users access to a variety of Amazon perks. Benefits include access to exclusive deals on Amazon, 2-day shopping, and many others. With more than 150 million paid Prime members worldwide, Amazon Prime is making the lives of millions of users easy and entertaining every day. It provides its users access to unlimited TV shows and award-winning movies with Prime video, millions of ad-free songs with Prime Music, free in-game content, a complimentary selection of more than 1,000 magazines, books, and comics with Prime reading. Login to and enjoy more entertaining videos.

Create an Amazon Prime Video Account
You can create an account on Amazon Prime using these steps:

to create a user account through
Or, you can also do it through
Tap on the "Create your Amazon user account" tab.
Move to Account & Lists, then Your Prime Membership section.
Now, move to the Start your 30-day trial section.
Enter your payment details.
How to Create Amazon Prime Video Profiles
You can use these below-written steps to create additional Amazon prime video profiles:

Search for
Tap on "Add New."
If you want to create a child profile, then tap on the toggle Kid's profile.
You can leave the toggle as if you don't want to create a profile for your child.
Tap on 'Save Changes' after entering the name for the specific profile.
How to Setup Amazon Prime Video Profiles on Mobile
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If you don't have a computer, then you can set up profiles on your phones also. Here's how you can set up new profiles using the Amazon Prime Video app on your Smartphone:

Choose MY Stuff after starting the Amazon Prime video app.
Choose your latest profile's name.
Click on 'Create profile.'
After entering a name for your profile, click on 'Save.'
You can see the new profile available on all your devices.
How to Use Amazon Prime Video Profiles
You can freely switch between your various profiles on any of your devices. Here's how you can switch to Amazon Video profiles using the Prime Video website.

Search for the link
Tap on 'Who's Watching?'
Scroll down the drop-down menu.
Choose the Profile you wish to use.
You will be able to switch to the new profile to provide you with recommendations, your custom watch list, and more.
How to Download and Install Amazon Prime Video App for Android
You will need to download and install the Amazon Prime video on your Android. Here's how to download and install the app for Android:

To begin downloading and installing Android, go to the Google Play Store on any Android tablet or phone.
Tap on the Search box and enter the Amazon Prime Video.
Choose the option once it appears to you.
Click on the 'Install' option.
The Amazon Prime Video app is downloaded and installed on your Android device.
Click on the Open button on the installation screen to start the app.
Or, you can press the button 'Home' on your tablet or phone.
Then, swipe to the right screen to search for the app.
How to Download and Install on Apple TV
You can enjoy Amazon Prime Videos on your Apple TV by downloading and installing them. These steps will help you to do it conveniently.

Go to the main menu after turning on your Apple TV.
Choose the icon App Store appearing on the screen.
Navigate Amazon Prime Video in the App Store.
If you don't find it, go to the top of your device screen and choose Search.
Or initiate a voice search by pressing the microphone.
Tap on the icon Amazon Prime Video.
Tap on the Install button to add the app on your Apple TV.
How to Use Amazon Prime Video on an iPad or iPhone
You can use Amazon Prime Video on your iPad or iPhone in these ways:

Click on the 'App Store' option on your iPad or iPhone.
Initiate downloading Amazon's Prime Video.
Open the app Amazon Prime Video.
to your user account on Amazon Prime.
To Sign-in, enter your email id and password.
You will get immediate access to Amazon Prime Video content on your iPad or iPhone.
How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV from Your iOS Device
You can use these steps to watch Amazon Prime Video on your Apple TV from your iOS device:

Use the same Wi-Fi network on your iOS device that you are using on your Apple TV.
Start the Amazon Prime Video app.
Login to your user account on your mobile device.
Select the movie that you wish to watch and then tap Play on the Prime Video app.
When you tap once on the currently playing video, you will find the icon AirPlay in the upper right corner.
Now, tap on the button, AirPlay appearing as a triangle encased in a rectangle very much similar to a television.
Select the Apple TV you wish to stream the movie to.
Click on the specific name in the dialog box.

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