As an expert network marketer I like to go over certain companies to see what's new and exciting in the industry and I happen to see XIMO health business as a new company that is making moves. The company XIMO looks like it is under new management and is going through a second relaunch of the business. What the business offers is a weight loss tea that you can drink to help you have control of your weight. The weight loss industry is a huge market in the trillions of dollars aligned with the health industry.

You can make a lot of money with XIMO health business as they have many ways that they pay you. You get paid on the retail sales of XIMO products and get a certain percentage of your sales and also a certain percentage of retail sales from the people you bring into the company to do the business as well. It is like a lot of network marketing companies out their basically on the structure on how you get paid, so if you really put hard work into motion you can really get yourself off the ground.

That is where the problem comes into play is taking your business from zero to fully sustainablility. If you want to be successful with XIMO health business then you need to really know the truth about this industry. Network marketing may come across as an easy business that anyone can do yet a huge percentage of people who join a home business usually end up failing. There are many reasons why they fail, but most of it lies in the lack of knowledge that one receives when joining an opportunity like XIMO.

The universal training model for XIMO Health business or any home business is to simply start asking your friends and family if they would be interested in joining the busienss as well. Now i'm not saying this is a bad strategy because there will be a few great prospects from the people that you know, but not all of them are good prospects. So you want to only ask the people that have an interest in business and entrepreneurship.

Where the problem lies is getting leverage to start building your XIMO business. Many people who are superstars in the company are their because they were at the starting phase of the business and rode off of the momentum of the business, so they have leverage because they have many reps in their down-line. So for a rep that has 100 reps or more they have tremendous advantage because if every person in that organization worked 1 hour on their business, that top rep really just worked 100 hours for their business.

But what about having leverage for the starting XIMO business rep? The best way to start having leverage when you have nobody in your business yet is to use the power of technology. Expert network markters use the internet to be able to do thousands of presentations at a time and are exposing their offers to millions of people because they learned how to market themselves and that the true reason someone joins a person in network marketing is because of the leadership qualities they have.

Aligning yourself with an expert who knows what they are doing in terms of marketing and leveraging technology is the best way you can start achieving success in your business or have the fastest path to success with your XIMO health business.


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