Why do you breathe?

Do you breathe to live? Or do you live to breathe? The masses would say that you must breathe so that you can live. But this is little more than just survival. As you breathe in an unconscious fashion you do nothing more than take in enough air so that the minimum amount of toxins can be removed from your body and the minimum amount of oxygen required is absorbed.

The Ancients have shown us that great feats, long life, and awesome health can be achieved by everyone. You must learn to breathe in the "Certain Way." You have within your grasp a built-in mechanism that promotes awesome health. This mechanism is the breath. The breath and breathing can be used to reduce fear, relieve stress, energize the body, enliven the mind and invigorate the spirit. All you need to do is think about it. Just think about your breath as you breathe.

In the art of Zen meditation, one of the simplest meditation exercises is that of bringing your mind to focus on the breath while sitting quietly. All you do is close your eyes, relax, and count each breath as you inhale. Focus on the breath by trying to sense the way the breath feels as it passes by the edges of your nostrils. It is as simple as that.

Xin Huxi Qigong

Xin Huxi Qigong (Center Breathing Qigong) focuses on the chang bao qi (long, thin breath). In Xin Huxi Qigong movements have been developed in such a way that as breathing is performed the breath balances your body and mind. It does this by leading Qi through the parts of your body that are in motion. The movement is also used as a tool to focus your mind on your body and breathing in such a way that your overall system becomes integrated.

From integration comes balance. From balance comes a reduction in stress and increased circulation. From increased circulation your body is better able to move toxins through the blood stream and to the lungs. Once in the lungs the breath functions to remove the toxins and provide nourishment by oxygenating the blood. Better waste removal and better nourishment implies better health.

Once you develop chang bao qi you can integrate it into your daily activity. Chang bao qi itself can be done while you are driving to work, working at a computer or at virtually at any time.

The movements of Xin Huxi Qigong are simple and require a space no larger than 3 foot by 4 foot. The exercises can easily be done during your lunch break in the office, an easy way to reduce stress in the middle of the day. For the martial artist Xin Huxi Qigong can be done as a preparation to training and/or a cooling down and integration after training.

Chang Bao Qi for Relaxation and Balancing

The basic method of the long thin breath is easy to describe but must be practiced to get the correct, the CERTAIN WAY, so that it is truly beneficial to health and longevity.

Here your goal is to exercise for relaxation and balancing, thus providing a general improvement in your well-being and health. You will need to apply your normal breathing process, normal abdominal breathing, with the addition of chang bao qi.

Begin by closing your mouth gently so it is just sealed and touch your tongue to the upper gum just above the teeth. Expand your abdominal muscles (push out) as you inhale through your nose. The inhale should slow and thin (a small amount of air flow) for as long as in comfortable.

Next open your mouth slightly (like you might attempt to whistle) and touch your tongue to the lower gum just behind the teeth. Contract your abdominal muscles (pull in) as you exhale through your mouth. The exhale should be slow and thin (like blowing out a candle that is six feet away) for as long as is comfortable.

NEVER FORCE THE INHALE OR EXHALE - always be calm and relaxed.

NOW you can begin to practice Chang Bao Qi (long thin breathing). Take time to mentally note any new sensations! Experiment by focusing your intention on different parts of your body. Remember that harmony, balance, integration and contentment are the goals of Xin Huxi Qigong and Chang Bao Qi. With these goals you can live a longer, happier, and healthier life. Enjoy!! This is just the beginning.

Using "Mind Power" and "Qigong" you can easily begin to learn to create your AWESOME reality. It is possible simply by your choice to create an awesome day, create your awesome health and create your awesome world. Please share this with all your friends and families and together using Mind Power Plus Qigong WE CAN CREATE AN AWESOME WORLD.

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