It will help in your practice of Xin Huxi Qigong or any style of qigong if you have a basic understanding of the underlying Yin and Yang philosophy that is being applied.

Xin Huxi Qigong

Xin Huxi Qigong (Center Breathing Qigong) focuses on the chang bao qi (long, thin breath). In Xin Huxi Qigong movements have been developed in such a way that as breathing is performed the breath balances your body and mind. It does this by leading Qi through the parts of your body that are in motion. The movement is also used as a tool to focus your mind on your body and breathing in such a way that your overall system becomes integrated.

Yin and Yang

The Chinese have believed that the universe is composed of two opposite forces; Yin and Yang. And they believe in a principle whose essence is "follow the heavens." Since nature is integrated into heaven then you as well must follow (obey) nature. Thus you must carefully watch and follow all natural phenomenon such as the stars, planets, moon, and four seasons since your energy in integral with them as well.

The theory of Yin and Yang applies heaven, earth, and human and these are considered to be the three great natural powers. When the balance is lost between Yin and Yang, storms of severe energy are produced in the heavens and on earth. In humans the loss of the balance of Yin and Yang results in illness and perhaps death.

The belief is that the major component of "Heaven" is QI and that all things are made up of QI. QI is the universal life force for living beings. It is believed that in the beginning there was a time of "no sky." The universe came into being in this no sky and QI was created by the universe. It was said that QI had weight and that part of it was light and transparent and that another part of it was heavy and opaque. It was from these two forms of QI that the heavens and earth were formed. Being lighter, that part of QI formed heaven and it was above. The part of QI that was heavier and opaque sank below and formed earth.

Yang Qi, Yin Qi, Fire Qi and Water Qi

It is stated that QI in the heavens is "Yang Qi" and the QI on the earth is "Yin Qi." The pure forms of Yang Qi and Yin Qi create and support the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. From the four seasons the QI that issues forth creates and supports all the different things in creation.

When Yang Qi condenses or combines it becomes fire. This fire in its pure form creates and supports the sun. Yin Qi, on the other hand, becomes water and in its pure form becomes the moon. It is the excess QI from the sun and the moon which then flows out into the universe to create the stars and nourishes our planet earth.

You obtain heaven and earth QI through the process of breathing. Thus since you need to breath to maintain life, QI has been determined to be the energy of life.

Six Yin Organs and Six Yang Organs in Oriental Medicine

In ancient oriental medicine the organs of the body were divided up into two categories, that of "Yin" and "Yang." The body was essentially divided into two sections that dealt with the activities of respiration, circulation, digestion, etc. In the Yin category there were six organs; lung, heart, spleen, liver, kidney, and pericardium. In the Yang category there were six organs, large intestine, small intestine, gall bladder, urinary bladder, stomach and triple burner. It is through these 12 main channels (Shi Ehr Jing) that QI is transported throughout the body.

The QI is transported to the surface (to the skin) through the 12 channels and the many hundreds of minor channels (Luo). These can be effected by external influences. It must be remembered that "organs" in oriental medicine refer to the functionality of the system and not necessarily to an actual physical, fleshy, organ.

Simple Yin and Yang Breathing

Respiration itself was then divided into two aspects; inhalation and exhalation, yin and yang respectively. When breathing you should think and create a mental image of yin and yang.

INHALE: as you inhale create a mental image and see the QI traveling through your nose to your spleen and then down to your liver and kidney.

EXHALE: as you exhale create a mental image and see the QI traveling from your heart to your lungs and then out through your mouth.

It is important to point out that from these concepts many complicated breathing patterns were developed by Buddhist monks and ascetic hermits. The goal of the breathing techniques was to create abundant QI, balance the QI and increase the flow QI in the human body. Such examples included breathing while counting up to very high numbers, alternating the patterns of inhalation and exhalation, and performing the breathing at very specific times of the day and night.

It has been said that an elderly person may rejuvenate themselves to that of a young person and live a very long time if they were successful at these techniques. But, it must also be noted that the type of breathing that must be done is "Fetal Breathing" (Fu Shi Hu Xi: the kind of breathing that a fetus does in the womb).

REMEMBER - breathing is a natural function and as such should be SIMPLE and easy to learn.

Keep in mind that the definitions and expanded explanations of the kinds of breathing and how they relate to the seasons, oriental medicine, etc. are for your general knowledge and information. You do not have to memorize or be well versed in any of the above concepts to learn Xin Huxi Qigong and practice chang bao qi. The important point, as mentioned above, is to maintain an outlook that embodies simplicity and relaxation. In this way you will learn faster, have more enjoyment and achieve better results.

NEVER FORCE THE INHALE OR EXHALE - always be calm and relaxed.

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