Content may be king, but in this day and age, Video Marketing is queen!

Think about how many people have watched Game Of Thrones compared to the amount that have read the books

Video is the most preferred and engaging medium to digest not just entertainment, but education, news and content as a whole on any and every device.

With 5 billion videos actively watched on YouTube every single day, there should be no surprise when I say that videos are a great way to develop brand recognition and integrity while keeping your new and existing audience engaged. 90% of users say that videos are helpful in their decision making process; Video marketing allows your business, products and services to connect with your audience more than a flat image ever can.

Additionally, many users scroll past written content online, and simply skim through headings and images to ‘digest’ content. Allowing your users and potential customers to watch a quick 1-2 minute video instead of reading a couple paragraphs may be the difference between a lost sale and a genuine ready-to-buy lead.

Optimise and expand your blog posts by adding quick asides with video.

Boost your tutorials by embedding existing clips to easily visually help your users with a step-by-step, real-time walkthrough.

Create in-depth promotional videos outlining your new range of products and services, covering frequently asked questions on particular product brands and variants.

Provide the latest industry news and insights to build your brand integrity and become leaders of the industry!

Developing a video marketing strategy to partner with your web design and digital marketing campaign can boost your engagement levels, increase your conversion rates and help sustainably grow your business online. The beauty of video marketing is that it can be shared across every platform and every device. Upload it to YouTube, embed it into your website and share it across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for the maximum reach. Engage and connect with your ever-growing audience.

Think of your target audience and tailor their content experience. With 85% of people watching videos on facebook without sound, ensure you optimise your videos for each social media platform by overlaying subtitles, using descriptive imagery and getting creative to grab people’s attention

Video is the future of content and digital marketing; Statistics show that marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. So what are you waiting for? Start your video marketing today.

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writer and seo expert