Circling back to the Faith category in our Building Your Legacy series.

If you have been riding along in the series, you already spent time a few days ago defining what role faith would play in your life. It was a highly personal reflection, and we hope that you did not let any one or society sway what you worked on. Again, this is not about what anyone else thinks you should do/don’t do or think/don’t think. This is your legacy and no one else’s.

The other day, we shared how important faith was to us personally. Bigger than any definable “religion,” for us, its about relationship with God who has incredible plans for us. We happen to be Christians, but the point is again, this is not about a set of rules nor an attempt to conform to the box that someone else may/may not think we are supposed to fit into. Its about the understanding and ownership that we are uniquely built- all humanity is uniquely built for incredible things through Him. And those incredible things will never come easy. There will always be challenges. But the greater the challenge, the greater shape we take. You’ll even see that your obstacles clearly shape you far more than your victories. But getting through those obstacles takes faith not just so we can get by, but so we can SEEK the lessons in each challenge and use that to further all we were meant to be. In the simplest of terms, that’s how we see Faith.

Your homework: Take your work from the other day and build on that. You defined what role you want your faith to play in your life, so today you will define what you are willing to do to make that happen. List or paragraph form, list out what you are willing to do on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis to further faith in your life. The answers vary greatly from person to person here, so just be okay with your own. This is not a “good deed” list. It’s just the list that will feed you and help you grow in your faith.

Part two of your homework: Now, what are you no longer willing to do? List that out, too. No longer willing to listen to doubters? No longer willing to feel guilty? No longer willing to hear that negative self-talk because now you are clear that there really is someone/something bigger than us who has a greater plan than we can even imagine for ourselves! Write it out.

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