Yalantis Android GitHub Digest:
November This month, for our Digest, we have selected 3-GitHub gpublic libraries that are useful to add function types to projects, handle different time values, and validate text input fields. category Categoryis a library for typedefunctional programming in Kotlin.
It contains the most common data types, type classes, and abstractions such as Option, Attempt, Either, IO, Functor, Applicative, and Monad. Wannzuverwenden: If you need to use many functional types in your project.
Time The time library is for you if you have ever written something like duration = 10 * 1000 to represent a duration of 10 seconds (in milliseconds) because most Kotlin / Java methods require duration parameters in milliseconds.
It means that Time provides type-assured time calculations in Kotlin that rely on generics. Wannzuverwenden: WennSiemitZeitwertenarbeiten. RxValidationTextInputLayout This library is the easiest way to bring the validation with TextInputLayout to EditText.
This solution provides a flexible API and a responsive approach to user input. Wannzuverwenden: WennSieTexteingabefeldervalidierenmüssen.

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