If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to make some extra money, yard sales just might be it. Not only will you enjoy socializing with your neighbors as your cash pile grows, but having yard sales is also a great way to keep your home free from clutter. In fact, some people enjoy this ‘business’ so much that they keep it going for as long as the weather permits – some people even move their ‘yard sales’ indoors when the weather is too harsh to be outside. But good weather or not, there are some tricks and tips that will help ensure your yard sale’s successful.

One of the first things you need to do is put up a few signs announcing your upcoming yard sale. Setting up does require a little planning and effort. Keep in mind that you need to make things convenient for your shoppers. Go through your home and gather all the things you are not using or do not need any longer. You will need to have your yard sale items priced ahead of time. However, if you happen to have a lot of smaller items, you can have tables or even boxes that offer similar items all for the same price. For example, you could put a sign on a table that says, “All items on this table - $5 each”. This makes it very easy to mark the price down as the day goes on. And that is another tip. You need to be flexible in your prices. As the yard sale draws to an end you should lower your prices.

Your customers will expect bargain prices, and they may want to haggle with you. To ensure that you will get a fair price, even if you do come down on your original price, do not start with the lowest price you are willing to accept. If you do – then you can add the word ‘firm’ behind your price. Having clearly stated prices will help your customers and you.

You may want to plan a huge event at the end of the season. At that time it might be wise to partner up with friends or family members in order to attract even more buyers. Another benefit of collaborating is that you can share in the cleanup details of the final yard sale. One ideal solution is to call the junk removal Calgary residents have made leaders in the rubbish hauling industry – call 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. This will relieve you of the clean up detail and the leftover yard sale stuff will go to local charities. That’s what makes this junk removal service stand out. They work to avoid putting things in the landfills. Instead, they will recycle and or donate items to local charities whenever possible.

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Jackie Brink enjoys having yard sales and sharing tips with her friends. Her favorite tip relates to cleaning up after yard sales. Brink suggests calling the rubbish removal Calgary residents trust most; she recommends 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. The reason is two-fold, the haulers will clean up the mess and they will donate the items to local charities.