yatharth films are a post-production house, we prepare our masterpiece through various stages, we work on various components like film production, ad films, films distribution, over the top (ott) listing, corporate videos, music videos, photoshoots, VFX, animation, and its promotion both offline and online.
Post-production is very much important At Yatharth Films, we excel in film editing, sound mixing, special effects, color grading, etc. We leave no gap while finishing the final project and make sure everything comes together,
and as per expectations.
We have expertise in promotion activity, we make each and everything so creative that hooks the viewer's attention, we have the art of showing a brand in term of the product, people won't forget your brand as visual memories are the strongest.
we also provide OTT listing, as we all know the platform like Netflix and amazon prime does not take content from new ones, they will not even review your content once, you will need some strong connection licensed producer, literary agent, attorney, manager, or
entertainment executive with whom they have a good and pre-existing relationship.
we shoot videos of businesses for advertising purposes that serve purposes like institutional training, instruction, tourism guides, safety videos for employees. we have done corporates video shoot for many firms.
Yatharth Films promises you to provide the best service and to make your expectation into reality

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Yathrath films is a post production house