Yearlong Fiestas and Folklore in Barcelona

Barcelona offers so much to the tourists the whole year long that it is quite impossible to leave this vibrant and happening city willingly. This popular tourist spot is Spain’s second largest city that is strategically located on the north east coast of the Iberian Peninsula at the Mediterranean shores.It is the capital of Catalonia that offers the best of fun in the sun for any tourist or local anytime of the year.

Fiesta offering

However, Barcelona offers more than what nature offers. The million over inhabitants are well rooted in many traditions and folklore with a myriad of fiestas celebrated throughout the year.The diverse cultures and traditions from the past epochs give Barcelona a colorful ambience in its celebrations of fiestas and festivals.Every New Year in Barcelona commences with a great bang where an elaborate Carnival party takes on the city streets with thousands of masked revelers enjoying themselves.

The traditional challenge in this celebration is for one to attempt eating 12 grapes in the remaining 12 seconds of the old year; a successful attempt is purportedly a sign of good luck for the New Year. The three Magi fiesta comes on January 5th with an elaborate procession where 3 “Magi” go around giving gifts to children. March 3rd celebrated the popular San Medir fiesta with huge and impressive processions and choirs. The streets are filled with the large number of procession participants and followers enjoying the choir singing along the streets.

Sant Jordi who is a revered Catalonia’s patron brings on a spectacular fiesta on April 23rd while May enjoys the poetic Jocs Florals fiesta. This festival showcases many interesting artistic plays using flowers. The month also offers Sant Ponc fiesta at Calle del Hospital.

Mid-year fiestas

The month of June welcomes Corpus Christi fiesta with traditional processions that have participants donning very picturesque masks. There is also the “l'ou com balla” fiesta which means “dancing egg” festival that takes place around the cathedral. June 23rd and 24th nights take on Saint Joan festival which is celebrated with fire and fireworks. Parties are happening on every street, town and whole of Catalonia as this is considered a major festival in the region. The month ends with Grec festival where open-air concerts as well as traditional dance performances are displayed. Many of these performances take place in the Greek Theater at Montjuic.

Last Quarter fiestas

The picturesque Gracia festival comes on in mid-August with beautifully decorated streets while the Fiesta de la Mercè comes on September 24th. There are many colorful street processions and “sardanas” performances which are Catalonia’s national dances and sports.The year ends with Christmas celebrations on December 13th with many romantic expositions of the famous Christmas story with cribs displays.

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