You have a dream, a big dream of life being easier and more amazing than it is at the moment…

You also have a doubt, a big doubt that it can never really get any better than this…

And unfortunately, the doubt wins.

And so you stay stuck.

Wanting but fighting yourself and therefore acting as though you do not want…

Life is tough when you are stuck in this place…

It is downright hard and it feels impossible to see a way out and yet, if you want the big dream, you can still have it…

Yep, you may have to fight through your doubt and any emotions that threaten to overwhelm you and take you off course but as long as you keep pushing through then you will ultimately win and you will then wonder why you made it such a big deal!

But I get it…

Right now, it is a big deal…

It all feels so impossible…

And yet, there is a part of you that just refuses to quit.

And because you have that, you will win, as long as you actually make a start and stay on course.



This is absolutely critical because it is your thoughts that determine your feelings and your feelings can really truly affect how effectively you do the work of building out your dream. If you feel hopeless then it is hard to produce ANY work.

So, you do need to keep your head in the game by journalling out the mess in your head and then writing out the dream you are creating, listening to inspirational things that pull out the warrior in you, being careful about who you hang out with, watching what foods you eat, doing some exercise to get yourself moving.

Simple little things that raise your energy levels and keep you moving forward.


One way to heighten your doubts and fears is to keep putting out your products, services, art, music, books to the same people you were speaking to last year. At some point, you will saturate your small circle of influence if you are not spending daily time growing that audience. This is so much easier now with social media but it is also easy to think that just because people are there on the platforms then you do not have to do anything to get their attention.


You have to deliberately grow your audience every single day, until you reach critical mass. You do not know when that will be so you cannot even depend on that. You just need to commit to yourself every single day to increase your audience.

Create content in abundance on various social media platforms
Follow other people – Some will follow you back and check out your stuff
Connect with people over livestreams, or in groups – Build relationships.
ADVERTISE – I know you wonder if this is necessary and I say yes, the chances are that you are not creating anywhere near enough content to really get traction in a very crowded marketplace. And so, yes, honey, advertise to spread what you are doing further than it can go alone.


The truth is, if you build a big enough audience, there will be a percentage of that audience that will want whatever it is you choose to sell. However, this can be a little disheartening in early days as it can seem like no one is listening to you. Again, you do not have to listen to feelings, you can keep pushing on forward.

Trust the fact that it will work if you keep doing the work. Now, I am not saying disregard all your marketing information about ideal customers and all of that but I am saying that there will be a fair bit of trial and error in order to find the perfect product/market fit. I want to set your expectations so that you are not disappointed when your perfectly designed marketing plan with all the demographics and psychographics in place does not work immediately.

IT WILL WORK but it will take a fair bit of resilience from you to stay on track and keep offering what you have for sale.

And also, listen into your audience, there may be things that you did not expect that they want you to provide so why not ask them? Find out what they feel they are lacking and provide it if it fits within your remit of things to offer. Of course, you could offer someone else’s thing (Be an affiliate) if you do not want to provide that specific thing yourself.


When it comes down to it, to create your dream, you need to believe you can, an audience, a product/service and a way to collect payment (paypal is great for that!) These are 4 things you can start with today but most people will overthink it and not actually make a start and so they prove their doubts right.

Don’t be one of those people.

Simply get a move on with the information you have today.


Get your head in the game

Build an audience

Offer something for sale

Send the paypal link over when someone inquires

Complicate it LATER or NEVER!

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to.

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