Success is a positive result of the fulfilment of our goals. The measure of success is a subjective view of success. Success for me as an individual, personal success, success for my family, success for my company, a state, success for humanity, success for history and success for the future ...

What is the difference between successful and unsuccessful people? Successful people are those who refuse to allow not to be successful. Successful people have a consciousness that does not allow them to fail. They believe and know that there is always a solution. They believe that there is a path to a solution and that's just a matter of time that they can find it.

People in life operate at three different levels. Those with the lowest capacity of energy are solving PROBLEMS . In most cases they are in hopeless situation and for them it is very hard to get any ideas and solutions. For problems!

TEST level people believe that there are solutions. Each test is only as big as we are able to handle. And each test has a solution!

People with a maximum capacity of energy operate at the level of CHALLENGES. Large capacity of energy means a lot of ideas, many solutions, many paths to solutions. Life is a challenge to them and they enjoy challenges all the time.

Wherever you are at the moment, whatever it may be your situation, whatever the challenges you face - there is always a point of power. You can always find the way! We must understand that in life everything is the result - positive or negative, better and worse. And the results are the consequences of our knowledge or our ignorance.

When we realise that knowledge and understanding of laws governing the life are what we need to change the results we are not satisfied with, this is the way to freedom.

I believe that it is no coincidence that you read these lines (all in life is "the key"), so do not be afraid to make a new step in your life, raise up your goals, increase the ambition and embark on a path of great achievements. Achievements are not important because of finances, material goods or sports results, but because of the skills that we get on the road. The essence of life is development, skills improvement, energy capacity. Ability to solve all problems. I always find the way!

I always find the way; I want to find it. I must find it. Therefore I find it!

Life is a challenge and gives opportunity to all of us to become more!

Author's Bio: 

Miran Peterman is a motivational trainer, personal trainer, lecturer, athlete, won-hwa-do master.

In youth He was a top professional (bike) rider, trainer for some time, and then he devoted himself to martial arts, of which more than 15 years as instructor.

For more than 20 years he spent as a lecturer, mentor, trainer developing new leaders and assisting people of every field to reach their peak potential. His greatest passion is to explore ways and means which lead to outstanding results in all areas of life.