Is life too short was my original question and fifty years ago I would have said yes but not anymore. Over the years lots has changed like the environment we live in, food, quality of life, and all the new technology.

Fifty years ago the average life span was probably sixty to seventy years old I would say and now we are all living so much longer often into our nineties or more in some cases.
Living longer now is a big change and affects a lot of things because when we knew we wouldn't get into our eighties or nineties things like pensions and the care of the elderly wasn't as big an issue as it is now. This is all mainly due to our way of life and the way we live has changed drastically.

Obviously that is not always the case because as we know there are some horrible things that happen in our times. Often we have major disasters and that is something we have no hand in. Then we also have the terrible things that can happen to people like car accidents or suicide or just plain old accidents. No matter how it does occur it does and it makes me question my own mortality but I am talking about life and how we live it.

In the times we live in we do all the things that affect our health whether it is drink, drugs, bad food choices, no exercise whatever it may be it all comes down to choices. We make our own life choices don’t we? Yes occasionally there is an outside influence but for the most part we need to accept full responsibility if we drink too much and get ill or worse. It is the same with drugs really and even food. We choose what goes in our bodies and how much. There is nothing wrong with a take away dinner now and then but every night is just gluttonous and when you become obese or diabetic because of it you need to know it is your own fault. I feel if you do it to yourself it is bad enough but with the amount of obese children we are seeing it is very much like we have no understanding of the fact we are killing our own children.

Do people really think they can do crazy things to their bodies and not suffer the consequences? The answer I hate to say is yes they do. When you drink 4 pints of beer everyday then guess what you are eventually going to get ill and when that happens it impacts on everyone in your life so no it is not just your life at that point.

When you get to the point in your life that you decide to have children, assuming you have waited rather than just had them, think about what that actually means. As a mother of five now adult children I now understand that you are, for many years, going to make their choices for them. You really have to shape them because they are not only going to be our future but you want them to grow up healthy and happy human beings. Nurture them because they grow up so quickly, feed them well not sausage and chips all the time, not sweets and treats all the time and for goodness sake don’t let them become hermits watching television and playing computer games. They,like plants, need fresh air and sunshine to flourish. Encourage them mentally and physically because as I said “Life can be too short” and the worse thing is looking back and having regrets.

The way I live is ok though not very exciting really as I don’t drink nor do I take drugs, I don’t gamble or party to the extreme which would not be fitting for a grandmother and even a great grandmother. The thing I enjoy is being in a nice quiet house or my conservatory with a good book, a nice cup of Latte under my conservatory ceiling fan. It relaxes me and I have no worries summer or winter because it works all year round and is energy efficient. In summer a gentle cooling breeze and in winter up to 24% energy saved and so money saved. What more could I want because I save my money and help to save the planet?

So when I think of back over my life due to being a woman of an age when these small things are important to me and mine. If relaxing and forgetting the stress and strains of live are helped by a nice cuppa and a fan then so be it. I don’t want much just a longer life!!

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As I am approaching sixty rapidly and not happy about it also being a woman with a large family I feel I am in a position to write articles with my opinions and hope I add a bit of humour to them. I do love to see comments and hope that you will visit and get the same peace of mind that I do from my fans.