Assuming that before around 20 years youngsters wanted Barbie dolls, cars, bikes and alike items as a grant for some occasion, nowadays further that they wish mobile phones, mainly iPhone, Play Station, iPod Touch, notebook… Because we live in a time when the technologies are an essential, it’s unreasonably to try to keep the youngsters away from them, by yet they are just youngsters and there are so many phases that they have to pass as youngsters, before they step into the world of the matures where the technology plays main role. Assuming that you are in a uncertainity, to buy or not to buy iPod Touch for your youngster, have in mind the subcequent factors.

Good factor is that there are so many didactic apps on iPod Touch and a lot of them are obtainable free of charge. There are numerous on every subject, your youngster may concentrate on reading, spelling, math troubles, geography, and he is going to get the data on the most appealing way since these apps are ingeniously drafted. This tactic releases the youngster from the anxiety and the fear from lessons.

iPod Touch games are true cure against long uninteresting waiting at the doctor’s hall, and not to bring up the long ride. Their intolerance is going to be definitely reduced assuming that they are taken with some wonderful iPod Touch games.

Another positive factor is that iPod Touch is not particularly for youngsters, parents may “borrow” it every now and then to play a game but also for more functional features like finding a restaurant, getting routes for somewhere, see the weather…

iPod Touch is the leading manageable music device, in reality that is, what the iPod was projected for, and we all recognize how much youngsters adore to listen to a music, it’s a obligatory section of the tween/teen society.

And sure, there are innumerable parental controls so parents may easily control the obtainable material from the iTunes or the web subjects.

Further all the good features there are also some bad features about the iPod Touch whenever it’s related to minors.

We should agree that the value of this device is yet high, too high for a youngster’s toy, so be convinced that your youngster realizes that and regards it with great attention. That also signifies that they are supposed not run around with the iPod in their hands, do not operate it near food or drinks, and put it on a precise place since these devices are truly fragile.

And sure, the chance to lose it. You recognize how often youngsters lose their keys and keys are important factor too.

Though iPod Touch likewise the iPod Touch games and all the enjoyable aspects has an didactic intention, the truth is that the youngsters are exposed to a large assortment of technology all over their day. It should be created stability between the time wasted with the laptops, the TV, the mobile phones and the proper time spent running around with buddies.

Consequently currently, it’s up to you to decide whether is time to buy your youngster an iPod Touch.

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Graduated philologist in comparative literature, born in Skopje, Macedonia. I find writing as one of the most appropriate ways to express myself and I like when it appears useful for the others as well.When you have free time relaxing with playing ipod touch games.