Before I go on about it, here is the definition of each so you understand it a little better. Yin: the passive female principle of the universe characterized as female and sustaining and associated with earth, dark, and cold. Yang: the active male principle of the universe characterized as male and creative and associated with heaven, heat, and light.
To me a healthy life is a unique balance of the two. We all have positive and negative things go on around us. You can’t have one (yin) without acknowledgment that the other exists (yang). For every positive there is a negative and vice versa. For an example, you would not feel compassion or gratitude without the acknowledgement that yang exists.
Yin and Yang keeps us in balance. It keeps us grounded because we acknowledge and realize how it works. A situation will have either yin or yang energy associated with it, our reaction to that situation will have yin and yang associated with it as well. It is up to you how you approach the situation and what you would like the outcome to be.
Yin and Yang balance each other. Look at it as if they are scales. Life is on that scale, each day, each opportunity and every moment is on that scale. If you’ve had a bad day, that is yin energy and you have to balance it out by having yang energy. Send loving thoughts into your situation or a positive action can change it to yang energy.
We are energy. Our thoughts and actions are energy. It is up to you to figure out which side you pull your thoughts and actions from, in every situation. Is the glass half full or half empty? Which side of energy are you pulling your analytical brain from?
How you can relate it to real life: Here is a prime example of yin and yang. Opposites attract. Yes, something so simple. Here’s how it works. You can take two people who have absolutely nothing in common and they can be blissfully happy because one energy complements the other energy. Each other’s energy complements each other by helping them both stay grounded. This relates to their views on things, their actions and so forth. They view the world with their ideas and views and it helps their partner to see it from their standpoint. They might not always agree on things, but it forces their minds to be open to the fact that something other than our own idea exists.
One might be soft spoken while the other one might be outspoken. One may appreciate life and shows their gratitude openly, while the other might feel it but not to the extent of the other person, or might not feel that way at all.
Yin and Yang energy is a balance and complements each other. You learn from the yin and yang energy. If someone is crying and upset you try your hardest to make that person feel better and you try to get them to see the positive in a situation, you try and give them hope and to eventually smile. That is yin and yang at work. So regardless if there is cold or dark energy, you can always change it to a loving energy. Both yin and yang have light and during situations one is burning brighter than the other. One energy cannot burn brightly without the acknowledgment of the other. The act of giving and receiving is a prime example of yin and yang energy at work, both energies complementing each other. Make the most of your energy by sending love and light to the universe while acknowledging that darkness exists.

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