India is known worldwide for its rich culture and traditional heritage. India has contributed many things to the world. Indian mathematical calculations and geometrical styles are known worldwide for their accuracy and simplicity. In every aspect of life, India can be said to be an effective contributor. In this 21st century, everyone wants to have a healthy physic. This may be a new phenomenon to the world to keep a healthy body with a sound mind, but Indians practiced the same thousands of year ago.

The ancient Indian sages or yogis used to practice yoga to keep the body and mind healthy. After thousands of years of its existence, the world has recognized the benefits of yoga that they can reap and how it is counted as a popular culture. In many organizations, the management provides special yoga classes to the employees. This ancient Indian art provides multi facet benefits to every age group. Starting from the kids to the old aged people, everyone can reap its benefits if they practice it regularly, following all the guidelines. During a child's formative years, it is important to build self-esteem, self-awareness and strengthen the mind and body. Through yoga, children develop an understanding of how their body works and how to maintain a balance in life.

Yoga not only makes the body healthier, but it also stimulates our senses and gives us the mental strength. Our body, mind and spirit get an overall benefit from this free hand physical exercise. The following are a few of the benefits that yoga provides to the children:-

• When kids practice yoga from a very early age, they develop a proper understanding of how to take care of their health. It also makes the body flexible and strong
• It strengthens the internal working of the body and thus gives the body the power to fight with any external attack from the viruses
• Yoga stimulates imagination and creativity. The best time for practicing yoga is early in the morning. The body postures in yoga helps the brain nerves to relax and work effectively afterwards
• It is now scientifically proven that kids, who practice yoga, develop high level of self esteem and self confidence. This helps them in their professional life to compete effectively with other competitors
• It develops a close relation with nature as yoga is basically done in a natural surrounding
• Improves performance in all areas of life, including school work. Academic excellence is an added benefits that yoga provides to the children
• Relieves stress and provides a greater sense of general well-being. Yoga requires patience and strict following of routine. Thus, those who practice this art form develop a high level of following a particular routine in life.

Yoga postures consists of a series of poses that includes standing, balance, inverted, back bending, forward bending, seated, twists and lying down (supine) postures. Each category has particular health and well-being benefits. Yoga is gaining momentum in the world today and rightly so. It is for everyone, even kids. Kids can develop healthy bodies at an early age and also healthy habits. This is something they can keep with them for the rest of their lives.

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