Imagine that these times are for forming clubs, communities, new forms of interactions. What if we could imagine how these new formations were influencing the future? You can. You just need to clear some physic space and breathe in. The relaxed physic is where we get the Big vision hits.

I did an art project last year with three words. WE BE ME. I must admit I would not find the typeface on Word to express what I saw with these three words. In the font I choose to work with they were all the same letter except for the line on the “B”. ME BE WE, BE ME WE, WE BE ME. All true. The truth is the coming together and supporting each other is here. What is not clear is how to take those couple steps back and see, hear, feel, know where the best investment of your energy is. There is so much calling out to us and calling on us that we usually stop breathing and dive in as if we were underwater. Holding our breath for dear life.

I take a forced, forced by myself, leave every afternoon to rollerblade. I have my yoga mat close to my desk and do hand stands throughout the day. What do you do to clear your head? We need forced clearings so the cerebral spinal fluid gets to do what it wants to do to stay juicy, go zipping up and down the spine clearing the brain out literally brain washing us. Wow! knowing how to wash out our own brains is essential. We wash everything else from clothes, to car, to house but our own brains we just expect to have infinite hard drive space and we keep on stacking.

The secret is you are made or broken by your habits. You can only fake it for so long. Now the transparency factor is so much greater it takes about a fraction of a second to catch up with us all. You mess up, you cheat, you support, it is spread all over the internet like jelly on a PB&J sandwich. So let's use that factor to spread the change plan. Are you ready to create your own change plan that can and will give you instant access to hope? Repeat that pattern over and over again each day and you will have a supportive habit. Follow onward.

Are you willing to cash in an old pattern for something that will support you? Ahh, were it so easy. We could start the pattern shift store and I bet it would prosper in these times. Cash in one habit for another. Good news is we can change patterns and the first part of that change is recognizing that the old beast isn’t working, that we want something better. If you are at that stage, this is for you:

Try a couple of these and see how you feel. Do them at your desk, by it, far from it. I guarantee you will feel much better than you do right now and it takes only 1-3 minutes so don’t tell me you don’t have time. You are reading this so you must. Give your entire being a boost. Try one or two and then pass them on to others so we expand this community of people helping people to become true Hue Man Beings. That our light may start to pour in and out and that we light up each other’s lives. May we set each other’s minds on fire with our brilliance, support the fire, and create the light to see into the vastness of the future together.

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Gurutej Khalsa
The Energy Guru

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For over 40 years, I have been teaching people how to connect to their higher consciousness through yoga, chanting, meditation and healing. Add me and learn more about me and what I do.