We have a yoga for beginners practice for you.

This is really great for people who are brand new to yoga or wanting to get into yoga in a way that feels supportive. We’re gonna break down some of the basics.

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We’re gonna talk about alignment, and ultimately help you, guide you, to finding what feels good. So hope into something comfy, and let’s get started.

Now as a beginner, and this is just everybody, we’re so used to sitting in chairs, and on toilets and stuff like that, kind of lost this connection to getting down nice and low and being able to sit up tall, so I just wanna say right off the bat, if you cannot sit in a cross legged seat, you are not alone. And in time will be able to do that.

Start Yoga and Take Breaths in and out
We’re gonna start in a comfortable seat on the ground but if you are already thinking that that’s not available to you and your body,you can start in a chair, you can start standing. We’re just gonna take a second to tune in. This is part of the foundations of our practice. Taking a second to just let the day thus far melt away and put the future on hold, and really dig into the present moment so that we can the most out of our practice, and so that we can really align with where we’re at today, so we focus on alignment as like, you know, aligning the bones, but also there’s this other aspect to aligning with just what is today.

And I think it’s a really great practice for you know, loving yourself and being the best version of yourself. That practice. So if you wanna try getting down nice and low, I recommend sitting on something. Now you might not have a yoga block available, so grab a couple towels folded up, or a blanket or maybe a couch pillow that’s nice and firm. Maybe a couple blocks, or maybe just give it a go on the ground. What’s nice about lifting the hips up is that you can find length with more ease in the spine because the knees are dropping down below the hip sockets,just making it a little bit more easier for you to kind of root down.

And rise up through the spine. So just take a second to get settled in. And when you arrive in your seat, I’d love for you to flip the palms and lift your heart. So again, nice and easy,we’re flipping the palms and we’re lifting the heart.

Now we won’t spend too much time here ’cause I know time is precious and we wanna get through our practice, but this might just bet he most important moment where we close our tries, so trust me, trust yourself. Close your eyes and take the deepest breath you’ve taken in all day. And as you exhale, relax your shoulders. On your next inhale, see if you can grow a little bit taller and then again on an exhale relax your shoulders. And one more time just like that, inhale, see if you can grow a little bit taller.

Next Step After Start
Lengthening all the way up through the spine, the neck, the crown of the head. And we’ll take a second here to draw a couple circles with the nose, so this can be really refreshing for the neck, the shoulders, it’s a very simple move you can do anytime,anywhere, drawing big circles with the nose, one way. And then the other, reverse it. So gently working out any kinks. I’d like to invite you to gently deepen your breath here. Just take a couple of nice refreshing breaths in and out through the nose. And then just notice if you’re starting to collapse in the spine here, the chest, see if you can remain aware all the way up through the crown.

Find that gentle lift in the heart. Cool, then we’re gonna inhale, spread the fingertips super wide and reach the arms all the way up. Inhale, stretch, see if you can lift and lengthen all four sides of the torso, so don’t worry about any shape here, just focus on the sensation. We’ll get to the shapes in just a moment. But just kind of embracing this sensation. Getting in the habit of focusing our awareness on the sensation, rather than the shape, so take a big stretch, lift through the front body, the back body, the side bodies. And then on an exhale rain it down. This time palms face down. Loop the shoulders, lift the heart even more. Inhaling deeply. And exhale completely.

Take Deep Breaths
Close your eyes, and if you like just set a little intention, something you wanna work on. Something you wanna intend,something you want to do in this time, and it could just be to get through the whole blog. And when you feel like you have something, anything, just to focus your awareness on, take deep breaths in. And then exhale out through the mouth. Sweet, thriller arms. We take the fingertips forward, and then down. We start to feel a really nice stretch through the forearm here, and then this strong action as you pull the shoulders back into socket, so really reach out as if you’re trying to reach for something, gimme, gimme, gimme.

And then fingertips down,and plug the shoulders back so you can really feel that. The shoulder blades are coming together and then lift your heart. And then big stretch here, so if you work, well if you have a phone, this is great.

Okay, and so the main action here that I’d like you to remember is pulling that shoulder into socket, and really feeling this awareness, this broadening too, through the upper back body. . We’ll flip the script here now, flipping the hands, just feeling a stretch through the fingertips really wide, so lots of awareness through every fingertip and if you want a little bit more, you can take one hand to the fingers, and stretch here, and then the other. And then some circles. And you might notice, oh my God, I’m so out of shape, my arms are starting to get tired. You know this is what happens when we start to really work with awareness and focus on getting in alignment with where we are today.

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