Now more and more male patients are infected with prostatitis. Most doctors prescribe antibiotics according to the patient's examination results. However, for patients with nonbacterial prostatitis, the efficacy of antibiotics may not be very ideal, and long-term use may produce drug resistance, thus aggravating inflammation.

Therefore, many people began to prefer herbal treatments. The more common and effective choice is herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

In addition to medication, exercise is also a good choice, such as yoga. Yoga is good for the body and mind. It can not only play a good exercise effect but also prevent prostatitis and other diseases.

Practicing yoga can let men relax their body and mind through soothing and gentle yoga movements, effectively relieve pressure, promote blood circulation in the pelvic area and make prostate fluid secretion more vigorous.

In addition, many stretching and bending movements in yoga posture can stimulate the prostate, which will make the prostate healthier and help to prevent prostatitis, prostate hypertrophy, and other diseases.

A good yoga pose is the beam pose.

1. Stand on the left, straighten your legs forward, put your arms naturally on both sides of your body, straighten your waist and back, and look ahead.

2. Open them to the outside as far as possible, put the palms of both feet against each other, hold the toes of both feet with both hands, pull them close to the perineum as far as possible, straighten the spine and the outside of both knees and lower legs should be close to the ground.

3. Exhale, press your elbows on your legs, and bend forward until your head is on the floor. Breathe normally, hold this position for 30-60 seconds, then inhale and return to the upright left position.

4. Let go of your feet, straighten your legs, and rest.
Efficacy: beam angle can enhance the blood circulation of the lower back, abdomen, and pelvis, help eliminate testicular pain, and promote bladder, prostate, and kidney health.

What are the benefits of yoga for men?

Create the perfect shape. Men can also effectively shape themselves by practicing yoga. Yoga can help focus on stimulating the muscle groups of the body parts. After decomposing and consuming the excess fat, it can also shape the muscle curve, improve the spirit and temperament, and let male friends have a more charming posture.

Relieve physical and mental stress. Nowadays, men are under tremendous pressure, and there are few ways for men to reduce tension. Practicing yoga can let male friends relax their body and mind and effectively relieve stress through soothing and gentle yoga movements.

Enhanced functionality. In the process of practicing yoga, men can increase the ability of the body to secrete androgen, promote the recovery of sexual organ function, and enhance the sexual experience through practicing yoga.

Keep fit. Many men often participate in various entertainment, resulting in obesity. They suffer from hypertension, fatty liver, stomach disease, dyspepsia, constipation, and other diseases in severe cases. Yoga practice can regulate the function of human endocrine glands through posture practice and breathing practice, squeeze and massage internal organs to achieve the effect of strengthening the body.

Of course, men also need to pay attention to some matters when practicing yoga:

1. Men who have osteoporosis should not practice yoga blindly. Because some yoga poses are unsuitable, it is best to ask the yoga teacher before practicing to ensure that practicing yoga will not affect the body and avoid injury.

2. Men with spondylolisthesis and intervertebral disc herniation are not suitable for practicing Sun Salutation. Because you need to bend down during practice, it may aggravate the nerve compression of the lower limbs.

3. If you are in poor physical condition and are recovering from a severe illness, you'd better not practice until you recover. Because in this situation, it's easy to get hurt when practicing yoga and stretching.

4. It's best not to practice yoga for an hour before and after meals. Because you need to bend your body, compress your stomach and increase the burden on your stomach.

5. It's best not to practice yoga in case of mood swings. Yoga is a sport that needs physical and mental cooperation. If you practice under the condition of tension and anxiety, you will only hurt yourself.

Precautions for prostate maintenance

First of all, to better maintain the prostate, men need to pay attention to drinking more water and urinating more, which can help the body expel toxins. At the same time, be careful not to hold your urine. Many males tend to ignore drinking water because of their busy work, which is very undesirable.

Men also need to avoid being sedentary because it can affect the health of the prostate. Therefore, men need to do some physical exercise after work. For example, they can work for an hour and exercise for ten minutes.

Men also need to develop a regular sex life and pay attention to the habit of taking warm baths. They need to pay attention to their cleanliness. In choosing underwear, they should better choose pure cotton comfortable and breathable underwear.

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