Yoga is the primary activity that women have in their to-do list. Splendidly, many of us prefer to wear proper gear that can help in stretching better. This is where best women’s gym wear comes in handy. Practicing yoga becomes easier when the material is chosen is of quality.

Women are specifically comfortable to do the poses mentioned below with activewear. These aspects are helpful to calm the raging nerves and sag body. Some even aid in getting rid of harmful diseases if they are practiced for the long term.

With many benefits in mind, below are Yoga poses that you can attempt while wearing activewear:

Downward facing dog

This pose will have the arms stretched whilst head down, ultimately touching the floor allowing the body weight to fall on the palms and feet. The feet will be a foot apart, while hips raised as high as possible.

Bow Pose

In this pose, the individuals are supposed to lie flat on the belly, keeping the chin on the ground. Posture certainly matters in yoga, and that’s why the ladies are expected to keep the palms facing upward and legs about 6 inches apart.

Then bend the knees such that it comes closer to hips. In short, while holding the ankles with hands, the individual lift their chin up and inhales deeply. The pose should be held such that the feet and head should be close, carving a perfect arch on the back.

Plank Pose

Planks are the most popular exercise among individuals today. The main reason behind it might lead to the enhancement of bodily strength and loss of weight. A fit body has always been a woman’s dream. For this, the women should enter the downward-facing position with just a simple change. They ensure that the hands are supporting the body such that they can find themselves in a pushup position.

For better support, the women are supposed to press the heels over the wall. This is the perfect plank position that many ladies hold in for a minute or two.

Standing forward bend

If there is one single exercise that has the capability of soothing the brain cells and relieving one from mental distress while providing fitness to the ladies, it is this pose. It even cures one from depression. Many ladies even find it simple and effective. In this particular exercise, the individuals would have to stand on two legs in a relaxed situation.

Having a few inches difference between the respective legs, the individual can bend forward and position their hands on the knees. The accurate position is touching the forehead to the knees such that the hands can bend while reaching the ground. Although, the individual need to make sure to keep the legs straight while attempting to do this exercise.

Tree Pose

Last but not least, this is one of the most effective poses for calming the mind and keeping the body fit as ever. For that, one needs to stand on one foot while bending the other making it touch the thigh and joining the hands over the head.


You can easily opt for purchasing women’s activewear online from ECAU Sports and try some of the above yoga poses. It enables them to maintain perfect health and fit body.

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