Pranayama-Yoga for beginners-

Pranayama is the technique control of breath. It helps to soothe the fluctuation of Chitta or the active thinking mind. The most common steps are mandatory to do pranayama in the best directions of 'yoga school in Rishikesh'.

1-The Natural Breath-
All practitioners should follow the pranayama necessary steps to predates simple breathing and noticing the natural breath. The natural breath is voluntary and involuntary body purpose in the body bring out unconscious emotional, mental and physical appearance form. Though this practice, we could heal and transform all these forms on choose to recognize them.

Once a person realizes, influence the rhythm and sound of the breath then you will understand the power of this technique is called 'pranayama'.

. Take a breath inside and notice your thoughts arise that moment
. Release breath and notice your thoughts dispel
. Allow yourself to release attachment to your thoughts during this time.
. Back come in your real life with the calm and open mind.

2- A moment of quiet-
This is resting state exists between the inhalation and exhalation process. This is practice to increase physical and mental strength and places the incent on stillness to hold the breath with gain more anxiety.
. Focus on natural breath with inhaling and pause
.Hold breath up to you can settle without struggle or discomfort into the stillness
. The natural breath exhale and pause
. The breath hold and notice the stillness
. The same process repeats up to 5 minutes and take savasana

3- Bhramari means busy as a Bee- It's defined as the large bee. This is created nice audible sound will help to achieve the greatest benefit when the vibrations create a soothing wave throughout the nervous system. it's creat equilibrium of the body and mind.
.Take breath completely through the both nostrils
. Generate the buzzing sound of the bee on exhale
. Repeat the same process up to 5 minutes and take rest

4- Holding Gut with Dirga-
This is breathing sequentially of third part breath;
. Starting from upper diaphragm filling the abdomen
. Rotating into the lungs
. Lifting breath up into upper chest

Dirga pranayama is the most approachable for all those are at the beginning stage.

5- Roar as Lion breath-
It's called the Simhasana helps to strengthen the muscles of the throat.
. Make settle an upright kneeling position, putting hips on thighs and resting the palms face down
. Take breath deeply through the nose and as exhale then open mouth wide, stick out the tongue and open the eyes wide, releasing all breath with audible sound 'HA'.
. The Same process repeat 2-3 times and take rest as in savasana I,e child pose

The 'yoga school in Rishikesh gives you the best and easy way to know well about yoga-meditation-pranayama.

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