The art of meditation, fluid body movement, and massage therapy had been some of the most successful and most popular natural therapies in promoting good health and providing inner and outer peace for both the mind and body. There is lots of alternative treatment that consists of one or two of these techniques while some are combinations of the three. You will surely enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of such medical care.

Yogassage is a specially designed bodywork and movement education technique which was created in order to promote good health, enhanced range of motion and flexibility, boost self-awareness, alertness, and self confidence, as well as prevent future health issues. The therapy is perfect for people who have problem with chronic stress, tension, and fatigue and musculoskeletal conditions.

Like most of the types of massage therapy that includes yoga techniques, the alternative treatment does not include the undressing of the client during a therapy session. Most of the bodywork methods are done while the patient is focused, fully clothed, and properly breathing while lying, sitting or standing on a floor mat. The massage techniques utilized during the treatment session are based on the principles and practices of various types of massage therapies. The essential elements found in Barefoot Shiatsu, Yoga, and Thai Massage are used in a Yogassage therapy. However, there is also a type of Yogassage which is given on a massage table while the client is undressed and applied with massage oil all over the body. This type of alternative medical care requires less performance or involvement from the client as compared to the commonly used form of yoga massage.

During the therapy session which usually takes up to seventy five minutes, the patient receives the therapeutic and relaxation benefits of yoga without exerting much effort during the process. Body stretching, passive and active movement, meditation, and correct breathing pattern are all properly utilized for the best results without compromising the physical constitution and health condition of the client. Most of the pulling and pressing techniques are done to manipulate the tissues, joints, ligaments, and limbs of the body in order to loosen up tension and tightness on the various affected areas of the body. Some may argue that the technique can be quite risky and dangerous as conventional yoga is done with the client’s own will. They are afraid of risking the health of patients through accidental injuries as therapists do not know the pain threshold of the client. However, this is an easy problem to solve as constant communication and proper body movement coordination and transition is highly required during the therapy session when using Yogassage as the bodywork technique.

The soothing bodywork exercise has tons of health benefits and effects that can be acquired from a series of treatment when done precisely and successfully. The therapy is great for releasing tension on the soft tissues or muscle groups of the body. It is also beneficial as a natural detoxification program for those who want to achieve a healthy body inside out.

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