Life can be very hard and confusing. It often seems that when you take one step forward, you wind up taking five steps backwards, doesn’t it? It’s okay, and you’re okay. In fact, you’re more than okay. You’re perfect just the way you are because God loves you. That makes you perfect, and strong, and beautiful.
I know it’s hard to believe this at times. You probably wonder how God could love someone who makes as many mistakes, who falls short on their faith, who sins as much as you do. How could someone like you be perfect?

God’s love, and only God’s love makes us perfect.

The reason this fact is sometimes hard to understand and believe is because we think in terms of the world’s definition of a perfect person—someone who never makes mistakes. Based on this definition, it’s no wonder we so often feel we don’t measure up.

But the reality is that there’s only one perfect being—God. It is only through him and his love that we are made perfect. Since no one else in the world is perfect, does it make sense for us to try to be perfect in the world’s eyes?

The next time you’re feeling anxious and disappointed in yourself, just remember, even in your anxiety and disappointment, God loves you just the way you are.


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